Green Day Challenge 2008

Pinnacle employees joined with other Atlanta corporations for Earth Share of Georgia™'s Corporate Green Day Challenge 2008.

ATLANTA, April 26, 2008 – Pinnacle Promotions’ employees rolled up their sleeves, put on their gloves and got down and dirty for Earth Share of Georgia’s Corporate Green Day Challenge 2008.

From 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Saturday morning, Pinnacle employees joined with volunteers from Cox Communications, The Coca-Cola Company and Harry Norman Realtors to clear overgrown brush at Chastain Park in Atlanta. Volunteers gathered downed branches, shrubs and vines and carried the removed brush to a wood chipper manned by volunteers. The wood chips were then used to line walking trails throughout the park.

The goal of the Green Day Challenge is to make Georgia cleaner and greener by cleaning parks and streams, clearing privet and other invasive vegetation and mulching trees.  Corporate groups for this year’s event were divided among 20 locations in and around Atlanta. Pinnacle Promotions, Cox Communications, The Coca-Cola Company and Harry Norman Realtors made it their goal to create more usable green space for Chastain Park patrons.   

“The whole team worked so hard picking up downed limbs, ivy, brush and even trees,” said Rob Wellon, EarthSmart™ Brand Manager. “We worked up quite a sweat and we left Chastain exhausted but very satisfied about what we were able to accomplish.”

Three hours, a little bit of blood, a lot of sweat and eight cases of poison ivy later, Pinnacle completed the Corporate Challenge. Pinnacle employees returned their gloves and left to join the other volunteers at the “After Work Party” at the Chattahoochee Nature Center, leaving behind a noticeably different Chastain Park.

“I know that we will participate in the Green Day Challenge again next year,” said Wellon. “The Pinnacle team had a great experience at Chastain. The work was tough but rewarding. Everyone was excited to take part in helping Chastain regain its ‘green’ beauty and we look forward to doing it again next year!”

In addition to participation in the Corporate Green Day Challenge, Pinnacle’s Green Committee arranged and participated in a “Bring-Your-Own Bowl and Spoon” Ice Cream Social on Earth Day, sponsored and participated in Earth Hour on March 29, 2008 and distributed reusable grocery bags to all Pinnacle employees at the beginning of April.

“Our Green Committee is dedicated to promoting an EarthSmart™ way of life within our company as well as within our community,” said Wellon. “We are always on the look-out for eco-events in our area.”

About Earth Share
Earth Share supports a nationwide network of America's leading non-profit environmental and conservation organizations, and works to promote environmental awareness and charitable giving through workplace giving campaigns. Founded by its member charities in 1988, Earth Share is an opportunity for environmentally-conscious employees and workplaces to support hundreds of environmental groups through a charitable giving drive.

Information about Earth Share was taken from their website at Please visit for more information.

About Chastain Park
Chastain Park is the largest park in Atlanta with over 260 acres of land. Development of the park began in 1933 under the leadership of Troy Chastain. In its 75 years, the park has grown with the additions of an amphitheater, golf course, horse park, ball fields, pool, gymnasium, playground, tennis courts, arts center and school. Today it is a popular venue for concerts, golf games, walkers, runners, families and their pets.  

About The Green Committee
Pinnacle Promotions’ Green Committee is a group of like-minded individuals who have made it their goal to grow and foster a commitment to EarthSmart™ living.  This commitment is extended to all Pinnacle Promotions’ employees and customers. The Green Committee has already successfully implemented a company-wide recycling program and begun paper and energy conservation programs. The committee meets monthly to discuss new and innovative ways to develop Pinnacle Promotions’ EarthSmart™ initiatives.

About Pinnacle Promotions
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