Earth Hour

Pinnacle Promotions sponsored and participated in Earth Hour 2008.

ATLANTA, March 29, 2008 – Pinnacle Promotions sponsored and participated in this year’s global Earth Hour event in Atlanta.

As part of Pinnacle’s EarthSmart™ initiatives, employees were asked to join in with the people of Atlanta to turn off their lights from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. on March 29 for Earth Hour. With several employees participating in Earth Hour and many others working to develop other eco-friendly habits, Pinnacle is continually advocating a more EarthSmart™ way of life among employees.

Sponsors and participants of this year’s Earth Hour were invited to attend the Earth Hour Viewing Party at Arnall, Golden & Gregory, LLP in the Wachovia Building at Atlantic Station. At the Viewing Party, Mayor Shirley Franklin and other high-powered members of the Atlanta community joined sponsors and participants to watch as the city darkened for an hour.    

“The Earth Hour Viewing Party was a great way to celebrate the impact the City of Atlanta made by turning off the lights for one hour,” said Heather Peterson, Pinnacle’s Marketing Manager and member of The Green Committee. “Counting down and watching Atlanta's big skyscrapers go dark was inspiring. It is a small step, but delivered a powerful message that we will continue to take action against global warming.”

To further Pinnacle’s EarthSmart™ goals and initiatives, The Green Committee planned and attended several events throughout March and April. In addition to participation in Earth Hour, Pinnacle’s Green Committee arranged and participated in a “Bring-Your-Own Bowl and Spoon” Ice Cream Social on Earth Day, sponsored and participated Earth Share of Georgia’s Corporate Green Day Challenge on April 26 and distributed reusable grocery bags to all Pinnacle employees.

About Earth Hour
On March 31, 2007, for one hour, Sydney made a powerful statement about the greatest contributor to global warming – coal-fired electricity – by turning off its lights. Over 2.2 million Sydney residents and over 2,100 businesses switched off, leading to a 10.2 percent energy reduction across the city. What began as one city taking a stand against global warming caught the attention of the world.

In 2008, 24 global cities participated in Earth Hour at 8 p.m. on March 29. Earth Hour is the highlight of a major campaign to encourage businesses, communities and individuals to take the simple steps needed to cut their emissions on an ongoing basis. It is about simple changes that will collectively make a difference – from businesses turning off their lights when their offices are empty, to households turning off appliances rather than leaving them on standby.

Information about Earth Hour was taken from their website at Please visit for more information.

About EarthSmart™
EarthSmart™ is Pinnacle Promotions’ line of eco-friendly promotional items. EarthSmart™ promotional items are made from environmentally friendly or recycled materials, and come from suppliers committed to "green" manufacturing and printing methods. All Pinnacle Promotions’ EarthSmart™ items are strictly evaluated and must be recycled, reusable or natural to be considered for inclusion in this category.

About The Green Committee
Pinnacle Promotions’ Green Committee is a group of like-minded individuals who have made it their goal to grow and foster a commitment to EarthSmart™ living.  This commitment is extended to all Pinnacle Promotions’ employees and customers. The Green Committee has already successfully implemented a company-wide recycling program and begun paper and energy conservation programs. The committee meets monthly to discuss new and innovative ways to develop Pinnacle Promotions’ EarthSmart™ initiatives.

About Pinnacle Promotions
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