Pinnacle Promotions Announces Three New Promotional Product Categories

Dedicated to simplifying the promotional products shopping experience for consumers, Pinnacle Promotions announces the launch of three new promotional product categories.

Atlanta, GA - Pinnacle Promotions, Inc., a leading promotional products distributor, has launched three new categories on its website that aim to offer promotional product ideas that are specifically tailored to the needs of Pinnacle's consumers. Unlike general product categories, such as apparel or drinkware, that categorize items based on their type, these new divisions, Seasonal Products, Envelope Stuffers and RocketShip Direct Imports™, group items based on specific marketing needs that may correlate to specific events or types of promotions.

The Seasonal Products category, as its name suggests, is merchandised with items that correlate to a specific time of year. For example, it currently includes items such as sunglasses, umbrellas, and golf products, as these are items that are used most frequently during the springtime. The Envelope Stuffers category is comprised of small and lightweight items that are ideal for use in direct mail marketing campaigns.

And for those clients who are placing high volume orders. they have the opportunity to purchase items from Pinnacle's new RocketShip Direct Imports™ category. Pinnacle has partnered with overseas manufacturers and global vendors to offer a new global importing service that provides additional color and customization options and lower pricing on many of the items it already offers. Pinnacle Promotions has already seen enormous success with its RocketShip 24-Hour Express Service™, seeing over 50% of its orders produced through this service where purchases are processed within one business day. The RocketShip Direct Imports™ service targets those consumers who have at least 8-10 weeks until they need their promotional products.

"The task of purchasing promotional products can often be overwhelming as there are literally thousands of different items to choose from," explains Kim Johnson, Merchandising Manager at Pinnacle. "These categories help customers to narrow in on the products that will best serve their individual marketing needs."

Johnson further explained that Pinnacle Promotions has formulated its company as a promotional products marketing agency, rather than simply a promotional products distributor, aiming to provide consumers with customized solutions for their branding and marketing needs. The new product categories are just the latest example of their efforts to continue to do so.

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