Pinnacle Promotions Accepts Promotional Products Association International Code of Product Responsibility Conduct

Atlanta, GA - Pinnacle Promotions has accepted the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) Code of Product Responsibility Conduct.

The Code of Product Responsibility Conduct highlights the company's obligation to abide by ethical and conscientious behaviors that exceed the expectations of end consumers in the product safety, social and environmental arenas.

"Although there is no specific law that requires a Code of Product Responsibility Conduct, Pinnacle is focused on responsible business practices," says Mitch Weintraub, CEO. "By accepting the PPAI Code, we are solidifying that commitment."

The PPAI Code states that businesses will not discriminate. Supporters of this Code of Conduct also are expected to comply with product safety regulations, engage in fair labor processes, allow freedom of association amongst employees, comply with all labor laws, provide a safe workplace and require that all businesses that support them adhere to the same practices.

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