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Promotional Items for National Junk Food Day

Tuesday, July 21st, 2020

Always looking for an excuse to guiltlessly indulge in your favorite unhealthy fare? Then July 21st will be your new favorite holiday – it’s National Junk Food Day! Though their dietary content is generally lacking in anything of nutritional value, and the amount of fat and calories contained in one chocolate bar or one bag of potato chips is often enough to equal up to one third of your daily recommended dosage, the taste of junk food keeps enticing us to satisfy our sweet (or salty) tooth with more and more! Or maybe it’s just those empty calories that keep us stuffing our faces as we pray to quickly achieve any suggestion of satiation. Either way, that temptation often succeeds. The average American eats about 24.5 pounds of candy per year, with 11.6 pounds being chocolate candy. Candy and dessert not your soft spot? The U.S. has over 12,80 McDonald's restaurants to provide your fill of salty fries and greasy beef.

While we are in no way condoning the pursuit of an extraordinary junk food binge to celebrate this holiday, we do want to suggest some promotional items you can offer to your clients and employees to take part in this national celebration, and take advantage of the marketing opportunities it provides!  Send out one of our many promotional gift baskets filled to the rim with your choice of chocolates and truffles, pretzels and peanuts, toffees, turtles and more. Besides, moderation is overrated.

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