Brand Name Promotional Products

With such a wide array of promotional products available to consumers in our industry, the importance of brand names is becoming more and more apparent. Consumers want to experience the familiarity and security of purchasing merchandise from a brand they recognize and trust. As manufacturers are feeling the pressure of the economy and looking for new avenues to promote their products, they are branching out and creating a niche to sell custom products outside of the retail sector.

Over the past few years there has been an increase in the brand names that are merging with our manufacturers and marketing some of the same products you will find in the retail market.  The fact that these major retail corporations place trust in our  factories' capabilities to represent their brand in turn promotes the promotional products industry's credibility.

Brand names have a long-standing history in the retail market. The most loved and well-known brands have built their reputation on several factors: quality product, dependable service, customer reviews (word of mouth) and of course superb and strategic marketing. Quality brands may have started out with a catchy or aggressive marketing strategy, but they built their business on the quality of the products themselves and the dependability that the company places behind its' product.

Brand names have a higher perceived value than just any run of the mill product. Of course for the obvious reasons mentioned above, but also because they are held to a higher level of standards. The brand name testing and funds to back the materials and manufacturing are much more intensive than a factory product that lacks association with a popular name brand, as the brand's reputation is on the line with each item that leaves their premises. More and more companies that want to market themselves at a higher echelon look for a brand name item so their consumers correlate the retail brand name they have come to know and trust with the company responsible for the giveaway. It really is a win-win situation for both parties involved, because when the consumer is satisfied with their product, the likelihood of repeat business increases exponentially.