Promotional Bags Increase Brand Recognition at Industry Trade Shows

From carrying groceries and other purchases to serving as highly valued forms of advertising, promotional bags offer many uses and benefits. Distributing bags at industry trade shows is an ideal way to take advantage of the incredible value that these functional giveaways provide.

When you attend a trade show or convention, each and every vendor is vying to supply that one gift or giveaway that every will notice. Imprinting bags with your company logo and handing them out as attendees enter the convention center or event space is the perfect way to ensure that attendees take note of your brand message.

Think about the large potential for advertising impressions when you distribute bags at trade shows. As attendees walk from table to table or from booth to booth, they may take a monogrammed pen here, a pliable, spongy ball there, and place a few mints from another company in their pocket. Providing imprinted bags for the attendees allows them to easily carry all of their recently acquired items in a giveaway that is imprinted with your company name and logo.

Furthermore, the more that visitors pick up from other vendors, the more they will need your promotional bags. In fact, yours may very well be the booth or table that becomes immediately known as the first stop on everyone's excursions up and down the aisles of the show. Word will travel quickly as to what you have to offer. And, in addition to the increased visibility and enforced brand recognition that will occur as a result of the bag giveaways, recipients will also take note of how thoughtful your organization is to distribute such a functional item.

The functionality doesn't stop when guests leave the trade show. Rather, studies show that recipients are likely to keep practical products - such as bags - for months after an event. During this time, they may take their bags to the grocery store, to the gym, or even to the office, where coworkers, friends, and passersby will see the personalized advertising message. Thus, custom bags produce an incredibly high return on investment, especially when their affordable cost is taken into consideration.

There are many different types of bags available and at a variety of prices points, too. Due to their shape, size, and low-cost, reusable grocery bags, plastic shopping bags, basic tote bags and cinch packs are some of the best imprinted bags to distribute at industry trade shows. Polypropylene non woven bags are another great alternative; because they are eco-friendly, they are ideal for promoting an environmental organization. Although polypropylene non woven bags sometimes cost more than just basic tote bags, many feature a laminated finish that ensure their durability and strength.

Deciding on your organization's budget is the first step in ordering bags to give away at industry trade shows. After you determine a budget, you'll be able to figure out the number of bags you can order, as well at the type of bag that will best fit your needs. Any imprinted bag that you choose will surely help you to effectively promote your organization during trade show season and all year round!