Promotional Products in the Education Industry

Promotional products have a variety of benefits for the education industry, such as increasing brand recognition, fostering community goodwill, and building school spirit. From colleges and universities to test preparation companies and lunch food manufacturers, organizations in the education industry can obtain their desired objectives by distributing useful and practical branded items to students, parents, and teachers. When customizing products for the education industry, it is important to take into consideration the age of your recipients and the time of year.

Often times, the season is a good way to determine how you can effectively reach your desired audience. Notebooks, backpacks, and pencils imprinted with a company logo are all great to give to students as they head back to school in the fall. Depending on your organization's budget, you may want to give pencils as a mass giveaway to all incoming students, or you could auction off a high quality backpack filled with school supplies as a special gift. During the spring months, on the other hand, picture frames and padfolios are great gifts that organizations can give to congratulate graduating students.

In addition to the season, be sure to take the recipients' ages, as well as their wants and needs into account. A college bookstore, for example, may carry branded towels and t-shirts for their students, while also selling logo stuffed animals that those students can send home to younger siblings and bumper stickers for parents. On the other hand, a high school administration may benefit from distributing magnets imprinted with the football game schedule. Recipients will likely stick these on the refrigerator where they will view the imprinted logo multiples times per day; this is just one example of how branded items can increase goodwill and community relations and help an organization's brand image.

While custom products are certainly a great way to build community relations, giveaways are also an important way for schools to raise money for programs that can help them to establish themselves as strong community institutions. After taking seasonal differences and recipients' ages into account, you can also track the metrics of the products you've chosen to ensure that you have picked the best products for your promotional needs.