Promotional Products in the Non-Profit Industry

Promotional products are used by every industry and for every demographic, but one industry that has truly harnessed their power is the Non-Profit industry. The Non-Profit Industry has been early to adopt the use of custom products to overcome one of their biggest challenges, to find the money to accomplish their mission. It has proved to be a very successful tool for many national non-profits such as Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Lance Armstrong Foundation, and the American Red Cross. Imprinted products and apparel have been used by Non Profit organizations in a number of ways to promote their cause, raise funds and to make a statement or get publicity.

Non-Profits and Associations understand that there are many different worthy causes in the marketplace and in order to raise awareness for their organization and mission they need to do more than just traditional marketing and advertising. By utilizing inexpensive items like bumper stickers, t-shirts, and keychains they are able to use tangible products as walking or moving advertisements. Not only are these products and apparel advertising their organization, but the purchase of these items provides an additional donation stream.

A great example of a product that not only raised awareness, but also raised funds was Lance Armstrong's 2004 LIVESTRONG wristband campaign. The yellow wristband debossed with the words "LIVESTRONG" created a stir in the United States and throughout the world. This simple yellow bracelet came to mean so much. It raised money and awareness for cancer research, but also encouraged people to live life to the fullest and overcome obstacles in life just as Lance Armstrong has. This inexpensive silicone wristband is sold in packs of 10 for $10 online and at featured retailers, with the proceeds benefiting The Lance Armstrong's Foundation. This bracelet has made a statement with an estimated 70 million LIVESTRONG wristbands sold to date.

A recent trend for national Non-Profit organizations is to have an official merchandise store online that sells products and apparel with their logo and/or message. Susan G. Komen For the Cure has an extensive selection of merchandise and apparel called™ so supporters can "purchase with a purpose to end breast cancer forever". From tote bags, cosmetic bags and gifts for your home or office to jewelry and logo pet leashes their web store has it all! Supporters can log on and purchase useful products and help support a worthy organization at the same time.

Non-Profit organizations are utilizing unique products to raise awareness far greater than traditional marketing alone ever could. Traditional media sources, such as television and print advertisements are less effective in the digital marketplace where people fast forward commercials and read the news on their computer. Promotional products are tangible and with a low cost-per-impression can help your Non-Profit achieve its goals.