Unique Promotional Products Giveaways

In today's competitive commercial landscape, no organization wants to be perceived by the public as ordinary, and innovative promotional products are one simple way to differentiate your brand from the crowd. "Information overload" is a term commonly used to describe the slew of advertisements and sales copy society is presented with on a daily basis- did you know that the average American sees an estimated 2,500-3000 advertising messages daily? From television to billboards to print, advertisers use a variety of mediums to communicate information to their target audience, but promotional products are capable of garnering far more impressions for imprinted messages than other forms of advertising because of the length of time the items are kept. Recipients may be more inclined to maintain ownership of unique promotional products over time because of their entertainment value and intriguing features.


So what exactly classifies a promotional product as "unique"? Unusual promotional products may be everyday, run-of-the-mill items with an unexpected and surprising twist, such as water-powered calculators, pens manufactured from corn husks, or fashion tote bags with built-in AM/FM radios. The updated versions of traditional promotional products giveaways, such as pens and totes, make your promotion more memorable than standard giveaways, and thus increase the likelihood that end users will keep the products in their possession, as well as show off their exciting acquisitions to friends, family, and colleagues. Technologically advanced promotional products, eco-friendly imprinted products, and promotional interpretations of items seen in the retail sector are all likely to generate buzz for your organization and cause a stir among recipients.

To successfully execute a unique promotional products giveaway campaign, take advantage of promotional products as tools to engage with your target market and contribute something of value to their daily existence. Sure, cool items have the ability to attract an audience initially; but functional promotional products, which serve a useful purpose to end users, are guaranteed to obtain higher visibility than products meant purely for display. Choosing promotional giveaways that couple form with function is a great idea to maximize the amount of time your brand name stays in front of your constituents. Not only will end users appreciate the provision of promotional products that help them accomplish miscellaneous tasks, but they will constantly be reminded of your brand's originality and creativity.