The Oprah Winfrey Show: 25 Years of Promotional Giveaways

As of April 29th, Kate Middleton may officially be recognized as the Duchess of Cambridge, however Oprah Winfrey still remains the queen of talk show hosts around the world. For twenty five seasons, The Oprah Winfrey Show has aired spectacular episodes that have played host to numerous musicians, actors, celebrities, authors, doctors, and even politicians. However, none of these esteemed guests could compare to the popularity of the annual “Oprah’s Favorite Things” episodes, where Oprah surprises her audience with an abundance of promotional giveaways. Now, as the producers prepare for the highly secretive finale of her last season, fans throughout the world take a look at some of the memorable moments that brought Oprah 25 years of success.

Throughout the years, Oprah has managed to promote her brand while still spontaneously surprising her audience with a wide variety of promotional giveaways. Some of Oprah’s most famous promotional giveaways have included items such as: books, clothing, jewelry, candy in customized tins, Apple products, and of course, who could forget her 2004 episode in which she generously gave each of her 276 audience members a brand new Pontiac G-6 midsize 2005 sports sedan? In addition to the long list of promotional giveaways, Oprah’s website also boasts a section specifically dedicated to apparel and other items which fans can purchase in order to show their support and help promote the Oprah Winfrey brand.

The show celebrated its final “Favorite Things” episode in style with iPads, UGG Boots, and yet another car giveaway. Those hoping to receive gifts from Ms. Winfrey herself may not, unfortunately, have that opportunity, however, don’t let that stop you from customizing your very own promotional giveaways to distribute at your next event.

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