Make It a Habit to Remember Reusable Grocery Bags

reusable grocery bags from Pinnacle PromotionsWhile many large grocery chains have offered rebates to shoppers who bring their own reusable grocery bags in the past, they are learning that discounts alone are not enough to reinforce this environmentally friendly habit Schlager download for free. While 50% of consumers in 2010 stated they “try” to bring reusable bags from home to the supermarket, half of those shoppers report actually using reusable grocery bags never or less often than once a month filme bei google play herunterladen. Read full article…

Kroger Co., the largest supermarket chain in America, no longer offers three- to five-cent rebates or fuel discounts for each reusable bag in many parts of the country Follow netflix on tablet. Apparently the frequency of reusable grocery bag usage remains almost the same regardless of whether the store is offering rebate incentives.

Instead of these incentives, Kroger is refocusing its strategy and encouraging shoppers to be conscious of the positive effects of bringing their own bags. For example, many Kroger parking lots boast signs asking shoppers, “Are your reusable bags still in the car?” The store hopes that these messages, as well as other marketing collateral distributed within the stores, will educate consumers to change their habits of their own accord and come prepared to buy groceries with reusable bags in tow.

Safeway Inc. is another large chain that is slowly doing away with cash rebates for reusable bag usage. However, limited-time offers such as 10% off Safeway’s line of environmentally focused household items with use of the company’s “Bright Green” reusable bags are still running.

While people typically have good intentions regarding environmentally conscious lifestyles, actually adjusting routine tasks to lessen one’s impact on the planet is easier said than done. Encourage your employees and end users to “live green” by making small changes to everyday actions, like making the switch to reusable grocery bags, recycling, or carpooling to work.

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