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Print Marketing Is Alive and Thriving, So Let’s Get Printing

Print Marketing Is Alive and Thriving, So Let’s Get Printing

Are you tired of hearing that print marketing is a thing of the past? Well, we’re here to tell you otherwise. Print marketing is not only alive and kicking but also an effective and valuable investment for any business. In this post, we’ll give you four compelling reasons why you should still be investing in print marketing, even in the digital age.

#1 Print marketing is still valuable

In the digital age, it’s easy to forget about print marketing. But did you know that print materials like brochures, flyers, and business cards can still make a big impact? In fact, according to a 2021 Finance Online article, 80% of consumers still act on direct mail advertising.

Unlike digital ads that can get lost in the endless scroll, print materials are physical and leave a lasting impression. Finance Online also found that 77% of consumers say print drives higher levels of recall. Meaning that holding a beautifully designed brochure or receiving a stylish business card can create a sense of personal connection with the brand. 

#2 Print marketing is tangible and memorable

Print marketing is still a powerful tool for businesses because it’s tangible and memorable. In a world where everything is digital, print materials offer a physical connection to the brand that people can touch, hold and keep. In fact, digital marketing and print marketing can be used in tandem. According to Newsworks, consumers who see print ads also tend to visit the advertiser’s website.

A well-designed brochure or business card can create a sensory experience that engages the customer. This makes print marketing ideal for promoting products and services that people want to experience firsthand, such as food, fashion or travel.

Another reason why print marketing is tangible and memorable is that it allows for greater creativity and personalization. With print, businesses can experiment with different textures, finishes, and shapes to make their materials stand out. 

For example, a music festival might create flyers with bold colors and edgy designs to appeal to young, trendy music fans and attendees are more likely to keep these flyers or posters as memorabilia.

Since people are more likely to keep physical items like flyers, brochures and business cards, print materials can continue to promote your brand long after the initial interaction. 

#3 Print marketing can be targeted

Print marketing allows companies to personalize their messaging and target specific audiences. Similar to digital marketing, print media can be tailored to appeal to a particular demographic, making it more effective in generating leads and conversions. 

For instance, a natural skincare product company can create a brochure that caters to people who value organic and sustainable living by customizing the messaging, design and imagery to their interests. This company can then stock these brochures in local health food grocery stores to help spread the word about their products to their target audience. 

In addition to its targeting capabilities, print media can also enhance a brand’s overall customer experience by providing tangible representations of the brand that customers can interact with. Examples of this include well-designed packaging or high-quality product catalogs that reflect the brand’s values. 

By using print marketing to create a unified brand experience, businesses can develop a devoted following of customers who feel connected to their brand, making it a valuable tool for building a strong and memorable brand identity, regardless of company size.

#4 Print marketing is versatile

Since there is a variety of print media available, there are plenty of interesting ways to reach different audiences. Print collateral like brochures, flyers, and posters are ideal for promoting events and special offers, while business cards and letterheads are essential for creating a professional image. 

Print marketing can also be used to create product catalogs, direct mail campaigns and even billboards. This flexibility makes print marketing an excellent choice for businesses that want to promote their products or services across a range of channels.

Another advantage of print marketing is that it can be used to reinforce other marketing efforts. A study from Top Media Advertising says that campaigns that combine both digital and traditional advertising channels are 400% effective!

Businesses can use print media to direct customers to their website, social media pages or other online platforms. This can be done by including QR codes, URLs or other calls to action, which can drive traffic to other marketing channels. 

By combining print marketing with other marketing efforts, businesses can create a cohesive and integrated marketing strategy that reaches customers across multiple channels. This makes print marketing a versatile tool that can be used to support other marketing efforts and help businesses achieve their marketing goals.

Print Marketing with Pinnacle Print Shop

Print marketing is a powerful tool that offers a tangible and memorable way to connect with customers. Its versatility allows businesses to use it in a variety of ways to reach different audiences, while its targeted approach makes it an effective way to personalize messaging and engage with customers. Print marketing also offers a way to reinforce other marketing efforts, making it an essential part of an integrated marketing strategy. 

With its ability to create a sensory experience that engages the customer and creates a lasting impression, print marketing is still a valuable asset for businesses looking to promote their products or services in a memorable and effective way.

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