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Make the right impression: Pinnacle volunteers at Ronald McDonald House

Make the right impression: Pinnacle volunteers at Ronald McDonald House


At Pinnacle Promotions, our mission is to Make the right impression.™ 
We make the right impression, literally, by imprinting your logo on thousands of products and apparel pieces. 
We make the right impression on our customers by providing them with unmatched support, professionalism, and marketing expertise. 
That expertise, along with those products, helps our customers make the right impression on their customers and employees (and their boss!). 
And, we always try to make the right impression on our community. 
On January 24, 2018, Pinnacle Promotions' Doing Good Feeling Good committee (DFDG) volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House in Sandy Springs, GA. We met many of the sweetest families, talked to them, played with their dogs, and served them dinner. This is our impression of that evening...
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Catching Up To Michael Phelps: Pinnacle Promotions Receives Two More Golds from PPAI

Catching Up To Michael Phelps: Pinnacle Promotions Receives Two More Golds from PPAI

Las Vegas, NV – January 10, 2017 – Tonight, Pinnacle Promotions was awarded two Gold Technology Awards at PPAI Expo, North America’s largest international promotional products trade show. The awards – one for eCommerce Website and one for Video Content – represent the eighth and ninth awards won by Pinnacle since the London Olympics.

This is the second time Pinnacle has won the Gold for the eCommerce Website Technology Award which recognizes excellence in the complete shopping experience, from browsing to selecting the right product to customizing to ordering.

“Our customers have long recognized as the top-tier promotional product resource in the industry, and PPAI’s recognition is incredibly satisfying,” said Dave Weintraub, CEO of Pinnacle Promotions. “We look forward to continuing the drive to make it easier and more affordable for our clients to shop online.”

The Video Technology Award recognizes PPAI members for their creative development of a single video product along with the effective delivery of content. The winning video – Win The Trade Show – focuses on the different ways in which companies can succeed at trade shows and conventions, and how promotional products can help them each step of the way.

“We’ve always approached promotional products from the solution side – clearly understanding our customers’ goals and matching the perfect merchandise and apparel that help them achieve those goals,” said Chris Doyle, Vice President of Marketing at Pinnacle Promotions.  “Our goal is to help our clients be more successful in their use of branded merchandise and apparel, and video is a fun way for us to educate and entertain at the same time.”

The Expo, put on by PPAI – the Promotional Products Industry Association – attracts 11,000 promotional product professionals from thousands of companies for a five-day event covering over a million square feet of convention floor space.

Pinnacle Promotions is an Atlanta-based, industry-leading promotional products marketing agency whose hero-mission is to help companies Make the right impression™. Our expertise in brand management, product sourcing, and production – along with our award-winning eCommerce website – help companies create connections with their customers, prospects, and employees with promotional merchandise and branded apparel.

Watch your back, Phelps….Pinnacle’s coming…

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Trustpilot honors Pinnacle Promotions

20140805-thophy-july2014 (1)‘There’s no such thing as bad publicity’ – Phineas T. Barnum

That’s not completely true. In today’s crowdsourcing environment, a positive public image is vital. Businesses are competing for an ever-dwindling mindshare using all tools at their disposal. Which means that the value of the credible, qualified customer review is higher than it has ever been before.

Trustpilot is an online-review platform for ecommerce businesses that boasts more than 7.5 million reviews on its site, representing businesses in more than 16 countries. One of the key value-adds of the platform is its relationship with Google that lists Trustpilot reviews in the Google Seller Ratings. Unlike other crowd sourced or location-based review options, Trustpilot is regulated and cannot be “gamed” in the business’s favor. It is entirely customer focused, customer controlled.

Pinnacle Promotions uses Trustpilot for its customer review program. And, we are so very proud to accept the first-ever Trustpilot Customer Milestone Award. In July, the company recognized Pinnacle Promotions for collecting more than 500 reviews. Of those reviews, the majority are five-stars.

“We are honored to be the first recipient of the Trustpilot Customer Milestone Award, the party was fantastic. The entire company got to celebrate this achievement together over cake, cookies and champagne. We take our customer experiences very seriously and it’s great to know there’s a company out there that does too and is willing to recognize those that do. Thanks Trustpilot.” – Justin Hutchinson, Director of Inside Sales at Pinnacle Promotions

Trustpilot threw a party for the team at Pinnacle to celebrate this momentous occasion when they selected their top ten favorite reviews and had them framed and presented to the team during this company-wide event. Read the Trustpilot blog post, here.

Pinnacle strives every day to provide a high level of excellence in products and service. We look forward to continued positive relationships with our customers. Thank you, Trustpilot, for recognizing Pinnacle and this groundbreaking achievement!

Pinnacle Promotions

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5 Questions to Celebrate our 20th Birthday!

Where were you 20 years ago? Pinnacle Promotions was just starting up. What started as two brothers in a small office above the Park Bench Bar in Buckhead, north of Atlanta, has grown to a $20 million company with more than 100 employees. Humble beginnings, to say the least! Click to read about our story on our website.

In the last 20 years, Pinnacle has changed logos, developed new websites, built a 100+ person team, and moved offices three times. One thing that has never changed is our mission to help our customers make the right impression by working with them to select quality merchandise that is branded perfectly and always delivered on time.

We asked some of our longest-running employees five questions. We put a few of their answers here.

1. What is the biggest trend you’ve seen since you started at Pinnacle?

Jasmine: Technology gadgets become more and more popular every year. And not only more popular, but more advanced.

Megan: The BIGGEST trend I have seen is with TECH. From inexpensive earbuds to bluetooth speakers…everyone uses TECH items. They span across all Industries and are loved by all. Adapters, power banks, speakers, iPad cases, phone accessories, stylus pens, etc!

Katie: Technology has definitely been more of a focus. Development of systems and programs that drive efficiency internally, as well as, customer facing processes that make it even easier to work with us.

Christina: I think the biggest trend as far as products would be koozies, sunglasses, glassware…..we did soo many wedding koozies a couple years back! ha Sunglasses and tumblers seem to be popular all the time too.

2. What is the biggest change you’ve seen since you started at Pinnacle?

Shelley: The amount of people! I think when I started there were 2-3 people in art, 2 people in marketing, maybe 8 in sales and 1 person in IT and accounting plus Dave and Mitch.

Benjy: My left front tire.

Jodi: Obviously, the growth of the company is a big change. When I started almost 8 years ago, the company was much smaller and we did continue to grow but at a slow rate. Today, Pinnacle is growing so quickly! We have added so many talented and wonderful people to the Pinnacle team within a short time and continue to do so. Also, another big change was the new Pinnacle branding.

Brooke: The beautiful, new office!

Steve: More structure and improved leadership team.

3. Where do you see the promotional market in the next 20 years?

Shelley: I think products will be more retail oriented with a quicker time from being in stores to being available for branding.

Katie: I see a lot more room for competition. As potential customers become more and more Internet savvy, SEO is going to become increasingly more important.

Benjy: The CafePress model (extreme customization) will expand into larger quantity runs and B2B — basically mirroring self-publishing — and will represent the majority of ad specialty sales.

Amy: Promotional Products are here to stay! There is no denying the power and return on investment that our medium provides to our clients. Over the next 20 yrs I can see the mkt continuing to grow. The Ad Specialties market will continue capturing a larger share of advertising spend vs. other mediums. Promotional Products are and remain to be one of the most cost effective products for the amount of CPI that they deliver.

4. Where do you see Pinnacle Promotions in the next 20 years?

Jodi: I believe Pinnacle will continue to grow in its staff numbers and expertise in the promotional world. The more years of experience we get, the more knowledge we gain as individuals, teams, and departments and as a company. I believe Pinnacle will continue to work hard and have fun in the process.

Jasmine: Twice the size and still going strong! :)

: I see Pinnacle growing further to develop private labeling and designs. Pinnacle not just buying from suppliers but creating a truly unique experience on another level with products that are cutting edge and thoughtfully useful.

5. What has been the best part about working at Pinnacle?

Jodi: The people and the environment. The people are just great to work with. I really feel like everyone is more of a family and truly care about the people they work with. This makes a difference in every day happiness in your job. The environment of the office is relaxed and fun, but we also work super hard. It’s great to have that balance.

Benjy: Family atmosphere.

Jasmine: Everything is constantly changing! You never get bored around here :)

Megan: The BEST part of working at Pinnacle is working with such cool people! We are all individuals but we seem to work together well and I learn so much from everyone here. :)

Brooke: The fast-paced environment, and working alongside “A” players. Each person at Pinnacle strives to do better every day. I enjoy the encouragement and the challenge from co-workers on a daily basis. I also love Pinnacle because of its size. I feel as if I am able to work with all departments, and learn from them, as well as make an impact.

Steve: The people.

Katie: The ability to voice your concerns and make positive changes within the organization. The opportunities are endless! If someone asserts him or herself and are straight forward with what they want their career to be within the company, good things will happen! And we get to wear jeans to work everyday :)

Shelley: Making new friends. My closest friends come from Pinnacle and I am so happy to have friends that work with me.

Amy: The PEOPLE! We all learn from one another and take the lesson with us over time. All in all we have a great culture. On those days that it has seemed hard to get motivated it is not only the commitment to the company but the people on your team that keep you coming back and pushing harder.

Christina: Seeing the company grow and knowing that I helped play a small role in the success. It feels good to work at a company that you see improving each year. It makes all your hard work worth it. Pinnacle was my first job out of college, so I feel like I have really grown up alongside the company.

We recently had a huge birthday, blowout bash to celebrate! Click to see pics and video from our 20th birthday party!

Pinnacle Promotions is celebrating our birthday by inviting you to celebrate with us. Pinnacle is hosting a #Pinnacle20 Photo Contest! Post a photo using the #pinnacle20 hashtag and be entered to win an iPad Air, or other great prizes.

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Are you looking for us? We’ve moved!

We are excited to announce that we are finally all settled into our new offices!

This is the fourth location for Pinnacle Promotions in our 20-year history. The process to find a new location began in May, 2013. Our organization had outgrown the offices we had called home for more than 10 years. The move involved location scouting, plan development, packing plans, and eventually the actual move, and to do all of this as efficiently and seamlessly as possible.

Owners Mitch and Dave Weintraub worked with local realtors to scout a location that would meet our current needs, but also allow for continued growth and was in a central location for employees. With the new office it was our goal to build out a state-of-the-art showroom and expand our current operations. Pinnacle circulated surveys to the entire company to find out what features were most important to the team. Then working with architect, did their best to accommodate functionality and comfort requests. (In the end, the employees are pretty happy with the results!)

Packing! Is there any worse job when you are moving? Luckily, Flood Brothers Commercial Relocation Services made packing a breeze. Their system of pink, numbered crates helped to ensure that everything made it to the right location. Easy to use, and easy to move!

The only snag in our otherwise brilliant moving plan? Atlanta’s epic Snowmageddonpocalypse. After three weather-related reschedules, we were finally able to make the big move!

We enjoy hosting our vendors and clients in our new facility. If you are in the Atlanta area, please stop by for a visit at:

4855 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Ste. 435
Norcross, GA 30092

For more great pictures, check out our Pinnacle Facebook page!

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All I really need to know to Make the right impression™ I learned in Kindergarten

Based on Robert Fulghum’s wildly popular book, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, we have added our own twist on the “things I learned in Kindergarten” for the promotional products industry.

All I really need to know to Make the right impression™ I learned in Kindergarten.

  1. Offer your attention and advice willingly.
  2. Do what is right.
  3. Praise in public, critique in private.
  4. Leave a customer’s office the way you found it.
  5. Try, and then try again.
  6. Be kind. Apologize first.
  7. Be on time.
  8. Offer a clean, dry hand to shake.
  9. Care more about people than they care about you.
  10. Come bearing gifts, such as quality promotional products.
  11. Confidently promise and over deliver.
  12. Listen. Really listen.
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Pinnacle Promotions Named Best Places to Work by Counselor Magazine

badge_opt5February 6, 2014 – Atlanta, GA – Pinnacle Promotions, a leading distributor of promotional products and corporate apparel to some of the world’s most recognized brands, was recently named a Best Places to Work by Counselor Magazine, a publication of the Advertising Specialty Institute. This is the fourth year in a row that Pinnacle Promotions has received this award.

“It‘s an honor to be recognized for the culture that we’ve built here at Pinnacle,” said Mitch Weintraub, CEO of Pinnacle Promotions. “We’ve always felt that by hiring the best people that fit our corporate culture, empowering them to make decisions and giving them all the tools necessary to do their job that it will always lead to a higher level of job satisfaction and ultimately translate into outstanding customer service.”

Counselor Magazine partners with a third-party research firm, Quantum Workplace, to conduct the Best Places to Work evaluation in more than 40 major cities across the United States and among over 22,000 promotional product distributors. The companies are judged in 10 areas, from satisfaction to trust to team effectiveness. Pinnacle Promotions scored among the top 1% in all the measures.

“From the very beginning, my brother and I wanted to create an environment where our people walked through the front door and felt like they were having fun spending time with their close friends rather than just going to work,” said Weintraub. “That was 20 years ago and this type of recognition tells us we’ve been doing something right.”

It is this vision that has propelled Pinnacle Promotions into one of the largest distributors in the industry. By investing in its people, technology and key suppliers, Pinnacle has consistently outperformed its peers and been the distributor to watch. This year marks Pinnacle’s 20th anniversary, which will be celebrated by a year-long celebration and a move into their brand new office space and state of the art showroom.

Pinnacle Promotions is a promotional marketing agency with expertise in design, sourcing, and production of branded merchandise and corporate apparel. Since 1994, we have helped some of the world’s most recognized brands and institutions Make the right impression™ by selecting quality promotional products that are flawlessly customized and delivered faster than ever thought possible. The company’s agency approach to promotional marketing makes our clients jobs easier and provides them with an unprecedented array of exclusive services. Our dedicated Account Teams and cutting-edge technology allows us to consistently deliver services with quality, speed and reliability that is unmatched in the industry. Please find us at, call 800.351.4226 or follow us at for additional information.

Pinnacle Promotions

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Pinnacle Promotions Goes Mobile

Buyers Can Now Shop For Branded Merchandise On-The-Go

Pinnacle Promotions, a top 50 ASI distributor of branded merchandise, logo apparel and giveaways, announced the launch of its much-anticipated mobile website today. The launch complements an award-winning website used by some of the most recognizable brands and organizations in the world by enabling its clients to search for products even when not in the office.

Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 1.23.24 PM“The way our clients are shopping for promotional products is changing at an exciting and unprecedented rate,” says Mitch Weintraub, founder and CEO of Pinnacle Promotions. “We wanted to be one of the first to support that trend.”

Being at the head of the pack has been a hallmark of Pinnacle Promotions throughout its 20-year history and what has propelled it to the top. Its ecommerce website was the first of its kind. It also pioneered the 24-hour turnaround through its RocketShip 24-Hour Express Service™ and originated the idea-generating service through its IdeaKit™, both of which have been emulated throughout the industry.

More than 30% of promotional product web searches take place on mobile devices. In an industry where customizing apparel, drinkware, gifts and other promotional items is more than a one-step transaction, designing an experience around a small screen was no easy task.

“Our clients come to us because they know we’ll get it right,” says Rob Nelms, Vice President of Marketing. “That kind of thinking permeated every decision we made with regards to how to design our mobile site. With an approval rating that is through the roof, we had a high bar to reach.”

The same, convenient features that set the Pinnacle Promotions website apart from the rest are integrated into its mobile site. Customers can easily find a product they are interested in, request a quote, request a sample or share an item via email or various social media channels.

About Pinnacle Promotions, Inc. (
Since 1994, the world’s leading companies and organizations have trusted Pinnacle Promotions to provide them with customized solutions for their marketing and branding needs. The company’s agency approach to promotional marketing makes consumers’ jobs easier and provides them with an unprecedented array of exclusive services. With dedicated Account Teams and innovative technology, Pinnacle Promotions delivers new and unique promotional products quickly, and with the quality expected from an industry leader. Make the Right Impression ™ with Pinnacle Promotions. Please call 800.351.4226 or follow us at for additional information.

Pinnacle Promotions

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The Meeting Survival Kit Giveaway

We’ve all been there: that 4:30 in the afternoon meeting where your caffeine-rush has tapered off, you’re either too hot or too cold, and you can literally hear the wall clock slowly ticking away each second. Remember those meetings when you feel like you’re in the danger zone of napping off into sleepy oblivion instead of paying attention to reports and charts? For those meetings and all others, we’ve got you covered with a Meeting Survival Kit. See below for how you can win one of the great kits!

First off, congrats on being the Bear Grylls of the board room, the Lewis and Clark of unexplored Excel spreadsheets, the Davy Crocket of… well you get the gist of where we’re going with this. Our Meeting Survival Kit has all the latest and greatest in helping you survive even the lengthiest of meetings. It features a promotional tumbler perfect either for your favorite caffeinated soda or your triple espresso shot coffee.

The next essential in your kit is the Ambassador Bound Journal. This bound journal is the perfect size for jotting down meeting notes or producing some of the world’s best meeting doodles (want some inspiration? Check out Buzzfeed’s list of best meeting doodles here or the aptly named notes from meetings). Best of all, this journal is sturdy enough to endure being thrown into briefcases and tote bags all while keeping your notes safe and at hand.

The Meeting Survival Kit is rounded off by two can’t-live-without items: The ColorReveal Click Ballpoint and the Preston Dual Ballpoint Stylus. Ever had that moment of blind panic when you sit down in a meeting and realize you’ve brought everything but a pen? I imagine it’s akin to traveling in the desert and noticing you’ve forgotten to bring a water bottle. Now you can clip this comfortable ballpoint pen to the Ambassador Bound Journal elastic closure and you’ll always have a pen nearby. Looking for a little more multi-function in your pen? Every surivior man is always extolling the virtues of items with multiple functions and it’s a mentality that translates perfectly into meetings. So if you’re using a tablet to take your notes, check out the Preston Dual Ballpoint Stylus. Looks and function combine perfectly in this ballpoint stylus, and it has you covered whether you’re taking notes on your iPad or your jotter.

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Promotional Testimonials

I am the type of shopper that has to research and analyze each and every detail of any major purchase. I scour Amazon and read the highest rated reviews and then compare them to the lowest reviews. I search Google endlessly for any blog that might have reviewed the item. When I bought my most recent television, I agonized over the reviews on Best Buys website comparing models in an endless stream of reviews. This trend has carried over into other parts of everyday life, I am constantly checking out Yelp reviews of restaurants I want to try out or a business I haven’t seen before.

So, if you are anything like me, check out our Testimonials section. We have received glowing reviews from all types of industries and even some familiar names. Read through a few to get a sense of what working with us will be like! And if we do help you out in new and awesome ways, maybe consider leaving a review of your own or letting us know how your chosen  product worked out for you!

Merchandising Assistant

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