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5 Retail Drinkware Alternatives to YETI You’ll Love

5 Retail Drinkware Alternatives to YETI You’ll Love

We know there are a lot of drinkware brands out there that you can buy, and you probably have a few favorites. YETI® is a well-liked brand among consumers, often inquired about during promotional gift buying. 

Did you know that there are YETI alternatives that are similar but have unique features of their own wii games iso? These retail brands generally cost less, yet still, maintain the high-quality materials and production standards that YETI is known for. 

Buying alternative drinkware brands in bulk can help you save on your annual marketing budget, too. We think you’ll love these cool, alternative brands and their stories! Here are our 5 best drinkware brand picks:


If you’re seeking a drinkware brand that gives back to the earth and to communities in need, then you’ll love MiiR and its selection of modern products. 

MiiR got its start in 2009 when it began designing its products with four concepts in mind: minimal, sustainable, functional, and enduring topmodel spiele zum herunterladen. Its cups and tumblers are made of premium grade stainless steel, and its lids are comprised of no-leach chemical plastic. MiiR is an excellent, alternative drinkware brand to YETI because of its double-wall vacuum insulation, similar heat- and ice-retention, and giving projects.

When you buy a MiiR, such as the insulated camp cup or a wine tumbler gift set, you’ll receive a unique code netflix something. Once the code has been registered, 3% of the sales revenue is donated to a non-profit committed to sourcing clean water, a healthier environment, and building strong communities around the world. 

Since its inception, hundreds of thousands of dollars have funded social responsibility efforts in 26 countries. MiiR users can follow in the journey and see how their contribution is making a difference here 


Is the use of eco-friendly products and materials a part of your brand’s identity beste pc spiele zum downloaden? Then you’ll be happy to know that Ello does just that and is focused on reducing single-use plastic waste. Ello products are safe, clean, and green – perfect for your office space or business associates.

Its product line consists of materials like bamboo, cork, silicone, stainless steel, and glass to give it a beautiful and unique style tvthek chrome. Glass is one of the greenest materials you can get, and it doesn’t stain, smell, or leave an aftertaste. Designed with drinkware technology like FDA silicone and anti-microbial spouts, you’ll enjoy all of the modern styles of Ello drinkware that Pinnacle Promotions has to offer, such as the Ello Riley Vacuum Stainless Bottle and the Devon Glass Tumbler


RTIC (pronounced “arctic”) was founded in 2015 in Cypress, TX by twin brothers John and Jim Jacobsen. Its drinkware line was designed for use in the great outdoors, just like its popular line of coolers. 

While the structure and shape of RTIC are similar to YETI, the price is much more affordable herunterladen. According to Jim Jacobsen, regarding his brand, “It’s about the adventure and how you can take RTIC along – you spend the money on the adventure, not on the gear.”

Its familiar design – like the 30 oz. stainless steel tumbler – and brand name, in addition to its excellent quality and value, make the RTIC collection perfect employee appreciation gifts and swag for corporate outings herunterladen.


CamelBak was founded on its signature hydration pack before expanding into water bottles, outdoor gear, and accessories. Michael Edison founded CamelBak in 1989 by stuffing a water-filled medical sack into his backpack before competing in a 100-mile cycling competition in Wichita Falls, TX herunterladen.

Today, they continue to innovate and build up the hydration sector with engineered products that exemplify quality and durability. Just like its counterparts, CamelBak is focused on doing good for the environment by eliminating the use of disposable plastic water bottles.

CamelBak drinkware products are top-notch, featuring an ergonomic drink interface, spill-proof lid, and an easy-carry handle welten minecraft. The CamelBak Chute Mag Copper VSS makes for a wonderful employee wellness incentive because of its endurance and sleek design.


Tervis was founded by two engineers, Frank Cotter and G. Howlett Davis, by combining the last three letters of their last names kaminfeuer bildschirmschoner kostenlos herunterladen. The company made its debut in 1946, and the double-wall insulation tumbler was born.

That’s right – Cotter and Davis were the brains behind this new (at the time) technology that forever changed the drinkware industry. Tervis is popular with companies because of its numerous drinkware styles and social responsiveness to keeping our oceans free of plastics.

Tervis drinkware has tumblers, cups, and mugs for all occasions in a variety of colors and materials. Its drinkware collection, cool designs, and color options make this a great brand for promotional products. We think you’ll love the 20-ounce Tervis full-color stainless steel tumbler (also available in 30-ounce) as well as its classic tumblers.  

Why Choose YETI® Alternative Drinkware Brands?

The options for promotional drinkware are endless. At Pinnacle Promotions, we’ll help you find the best tumbler, cup, or mug for your upcoming event. These retail brands are quite impressive and can stand on their own because of their cool features, ergonomic styles, and corporate sustainability efforts. You’ll love the look, feel, and value of these custom drinkware brands and your clients will love them, too!

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Trends in Drinkware – The Moscow Mule Mug

What’s old is new again and that’s certainly true with the sudden popularity of the Moscow Mule Mug.

A cocktail dating back to the 1940s, the Moscow Mule is traditionally made with vodka, ginger beer and lime juice weihnachtsvideos kostenlos downloaden fürs handy. Legend has it that the drink was created when John Martin, owner of Smirnoff Vodka, Jack Morgan, owner of the “Cock and Bull” pub and Sophie Berezinksi, the daughter of a Russian copper factory owner all pooled together to get rid of inventory that they could not get rid of ios 10 für ipad herunterladen. Vodka was not popular at the time and Martin was experimenting with different mixers to try to sell more of it. When Morgan had an abundance of ginger beer that didn’t sell, Martin decided to mix it with the vodka herunterladen. Enter Berezinski, who had a bunch of copper mugs that her husband was urging her get rid of and you have the Moscow Mule!


Promotional Moscow Mule Mug


Though not its original intention, the copper mug turned out to have a bevy (no pun intended) of benefits word auf pc herunterladen. According to the website, one of the best things about sipping a moscow mule from a copper mug is the controlled temperature. Basically, it keeps your drink cold, even in the heat printkeyen. Additionally, some say that the oxidation of the copper mixes with the lime juice to intensify the taste of the drink.


Moscow Mule Mug with Logo


Though the drink was invented over 70 years ago, the NY Times reports a huge resurgence in popularity within the past few years zip ordner downloaden kostenlos. Moscow Mules were options on drink menus more than 60% more in 2015 than 2014 and accounted for 7% of all cocktail orders. No doubt the copper mug had something to do with this weißes rauschen herunterladen! In fact in some bars, patrons who order a Moscow Mule have to give their ID to the bartender as collateral to insure they won’t walk off with the mug herunterladen.

Though back in the 1940s, the copper mugs were hard to come by, now they’re much more ubiquitous and you can even get them imprinted with your company logo songs for free and legally from youtube.


Custom Mug for Moscow Mules


And if you’re not a drinker – no worries – the Moscow Mule mug is still a winner and here’s why: Many purveyors of the holistic practice of Ayurveda (a form of alternative medicine that’s based on mind-body awareness) believe that drinking water out of a copper cup can help with all sorts of health benefits including enhanced digestion, thyroid regulation and reducing inflammation illegal music download penalty.

No matter what you’re sipping, there’s no doubt that the Moscow Mule Mug is and continues to be one of the hottest (errr….coldest?) drinkware trends of the past year.

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Best Promotional Products of 2016

Best Promotional Products of 2016

It’s the end of the year and time to take a look back.  When we analyze our best-sellers, we often see the tried and true favorites that are popular each year and then some new players that sneak up into the mix rechner app herunterladen.

You are probably familiar with the majority of our best-sellers – coffee mugs, sunglasses and t-shirts continue to top the charts and that didn’t change in 2015 herunterladen.  Perhaps you’ve even purchased a few of them for your company.  But let’s talk about the new guys!

Tech.  It’s the word of the year in the promotional product industry. Everyone wants tech kaufland appen!  So, it’s no surprise that the Jolt Mobile Phone Charger is the “it” item of 2016 huis download sims 4 ps4.


Everyone always wants the hottest retail trend, so it comes as a shock to absolutely no one that the Selfie Stick was…as the kids say… uber popular in 2016* netflix filme herunterladen kostenlos.  In fact, we even handed them out at our Idea Expo.


While not exactly a tech product in itself, the Silicone Card Sleeve went gangbusters this year herunterladen.  Great for giveaways, people love to stick these on their smartphones, seeing your logo… pretty much all the time.

What’ll be the new “it” product for 2017 youtube converter gratisen mp3?  You tell us.  Regardless, we don’t think any of these techie best-sellers are going away anytime soon.

* Do the kids still say uber?

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Products We Love:  Printed Mints

Products We Love: Printed Mints

So we’ve all seen promotional mints, mints in imprinted receptacles from metal tins to plastics containers all in varying shapes, colors, and sizes gmail. But have you seen the actual imprint or logo on a mint?! A couple of years ago M&M’s started offering personalization on their candies and they’ve taken off like wildfire, especially for weddings herunterladen. Think about doing the same thing for your brand, but on a mint (more professional, less melty.)

Each mint is 0.5” W x 0.5” H which allows you a 0.33” W x 0.33” H full color imprint herunterladen. Oh the possibilities with this new product… you could use a photograph, your mascot, letters, product images, and of course your logo.

Printed Mints in a Small Tin isn’t new product, but it’s always one been one of our favorites herunterladen!

Advertise your product or services on the mints

Just something a little different to get your customers to remember you herunterladen.  And according to our product reviews, they taste great too.  Bonus!

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Are You Pinnacle Perfect?

Are You Pinnacle Perfect?

We’ve told you how valuable promotional products can be for marketing your business. With Pinnacle Promotions on your side, building your brand couldn’t be easier coole spiele kostenlos downloaden vollversion pc.

Once you’ve decided that you’re ready to take the plunge into the realm of promotional products, there are so many options that are available to you, from type to print style, to color ares kostenlosen. When you don’t have much time to get the high quality and affordable custom branded promotional products that your business needs ready for your event, we have you covered minecraft downloaden met account.

Enter Pinnacle Perfect—our most popular promotional items, with simplified swag options at factory direct prices kostenloses antivirus programm downloaden. With Pinnacle Perfect products, you won’t have the hassle or hesitation, as these products have quick turnarounds backed by our Pinnacle Platinum Guarantee windows store apps herunterladen.

Your marketing may not be perfect, but to help you get there, there’s Pinnacle Perfect. These schwag products span across different categories from drinkware to bags to office accessories and more amazone prime video herunterladen. It’s just a matter of finding what works for you.


For example, Pinnacle’s take on the classic white coffee mug has proven to be a simple, yet extremely effective takeaway piece for customers, as they have a way to remember your brand each and every day, while sipping their favorite beverages whole playlist from youtube. As an added convenience, this ceramic mug is microwave safe with a comfortable handle. Then, with your branding cleanly printed on the front of the mug, you will be ready for your next event allow outlook images to beed!

 Pinnacle Perfect Coffee Mug

Giveaways & Favors

We’ve got some perfectly fun and still useful swag like these LED Key Tags herunterladen. These custom branded LED key tags come in four bold colors and even include batteries. The LED feature coupled with custom branding certainly takes it up a notch not just in terms of appearance, but also in terms of marketing power never.

 Pinnacle Perfect LED Key Tags

Technology & Electronics

In this age of technology-obsessed consumers, it is a great time to take advantage of the marketing opportunity available. Pinnacle Perfect Metallic Powerbanks can be screen printed or laser engraved with your corporate logo,  adding some energy not just to devices, but also to your marketing. With a sleek finish and a choice of four vibrant colors, you can appeal to consumers, as well as add some personality to your brand.

 Pinnacle Perfect Metallic Powerbanks

Believe it or not, your company has tremendous marketing potential. With Pinnacle Perfect products, you don’t have to jump through the hoops to achieve success.

In terms of utilizing schwag and custom products, don’t get bogged down by the vast number of choices available to you. Follow our simple breakdown of cost-effective, immensely popular, custom promotional products, and you’re sure to Make the Right Impression™.


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Custom Bag Must-Haves: Finding the Perfect Summer Bag

Custom Bag Must-Haves: Finding the Perfect Summer Bag

When it comes to choosing the perfect summer bag, every person has his/her own judging criteria. And as the seasons change, so do the style trends, and in turn, the needs of the customer herunterladen. Along with being attractive, a good bag needs to meet a customer’s lifestyle.

In fact, according the Advertising Specialty Institute, bags have been found to generate more impressions than any other promotional item. In terms of your business, you can take advantage of this opportunity, in order to build your brand audio programs for free.


By rewarding current customers for their continued support, and attracting potential customers with a custom bag that’s both fashionable and functional spotify kostenlos downloaden.

Utilize these suggested promotional products, and you’ve literally got sales in the bag!

Barbados Tote

Customers are sure to appreciate the Barbados Tote Bag, which is a sturdy alternative to the traditional plastic bag command and conquer 3 tiberium wars kostenlosen. In two summery colors, and made of straw paper with cotton rope handles, this bag is easy on the eyes AND on the hands. You may think that it’s special enough to turn heads at summer get-togethers, but by custom printing your corporate logo on it, you can make your brand the starring feature herunterladen. With each use, your customers can inspire curiosity about your brand amongst your potential clients, consequently building your audience and achieving heightened brand awareness youtube videos kostenlos und legal herunterladen. Your business will certainly not blend in with the competition using this fresh perspective on a standard summer bag.

Barbados Tote

Captiva Bag

From the beach to the trade show to the company picnic, the Captiva Bag truly lives up to its name – captivating audiences herunterladen. The simple, yet impactful design provides a huge, blank canvas for neatly screen-printing your corporate logo on the front of the bag. Additionally, you can choose from three bright color schemes that are perfect for any season bildbearbeitungsprogramm windows 7 kostenlos downloaden. As an added bonus, this custom bag is available for free rush production 5 days after your logo art is accepted. A Captiva custom swag bag is a simply meaningful gift for customers to commemorate their positive experience with your brand rit van stravaen.

 Captiva Bag

Whale Beach Bag

Keep your gear and accessories in, and keep out the sand, water, and dust amazon prime video kaufen herunterladen. The Whale Beach Bag is a sturdy mesh bag equipped with plenty of pockets and tremendous storage space. It will be the perfect accessory for customers to use regularly over a long period of time in all different places. Custom branding this bag will allow customers to safely and stylishly carry their necessities, and to act as your personal marketing team. In doing so, your business can build brand awareness and recognition at very little cost to you.

 Whale Beach Bag

Your ongoing business goal is to build brand awareness and “get your name out there.” Custom promotional bags have proven to be impressive marketing tools to make this possible. Custom bags allow you to capture the character and personality of your brand, all while building a loyal following.

For more great ideas for unique, brand-building giveaways and swag, be sure to visit Pinnacle Promotions to learn how you can Make the right impression™.


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Power Bank 101: Your Guide to Promotional Power Banks

Power Bank 101: Your Guide to Promotional Power Banks

With most people owning a smartphone, tablet, laptop or all of the above, portable chargers – aka “power banks” – have quickly become sought after tech gadgets. This hot techie accessory has many monikers – power bank, charger, emergency battery and power rock – just to name a few.

One can easily spend upwards of $40 purchasing a power bank at retail price kindle app bücher herunterladen. Be a lifesaver to your clients – give them the gift of power with a personalized portable charger! Engrave your logo onto a power bank, and they’ll think of your brand every time they plug their device into the emergency battery. And with everything from laser engraving to 1 color screen print and full color design, the different ways to prominently customize your logo are essentially endless herunterladen!

Here are some of my favorite portable chargers – from basic to more high tech.

1 wieso kann ich bei whatsapp keine bilder herunterladen. Jolt Mobile Phone Charger

The Jolt Charger is the classic type of power bank and the most popular among users. With this product, you’re able to charge a smartphone 100% (due to the 2200mAh battery) – providing up to 8 additional hours of talk time. This is an ideal battery to have in your purse or suitcase, and this gadget is reliable for someone who travels or is away from a power outlet most of the day minecraft server download kostenlos.

Jolt Mobile Phone Charger Item #7120-15

Jolt Mobile Phone Charger Item #7120-15

2 fitbit app wil niet download. Portable Dual-Port Charger

If you’re looking for smartphone and tablet emergency batteries, I would recommend a dual port charger with a 7800 mAh battery. mAh (milliampere hour) is the determining measure for how much energy the battery will hold. This power bank can handle charging a smartphone AND a tablet to full battery with ease, and it also has 2 designated ports to allow the proper amps to the device at hand wie kann man minecraft auf iphone gratis herunterladen. My favorite one is the Portable Dual-Port Charger. Its digital battery indicator and cool laser logo customization illuminates your logo, making this power bank the ultimate luxury option. I like the idea of having one battery that can charge both!

Portable Dual Port Charger Item #2635

Portable Dual Port Charger Item #2635

If you’re looking for something that’s efficient, convenient AND multifunctional, then these next power banks are the ones for you:

download scanner software kostenlos auf deutsch. Glow in the Dark Power Bank" href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">3. Glow in the Dark Power Bank

Never lose sight of your portable charger again! With the Glow in the Dark Power Bank, now you can find it in your dark bag, purse or briefcase with ease sparkasse tan app. Not only is it easy to locate in your time of need, this little gadget also has enough power to charge you up for a whopping 8 hours of talk time!

Glow in the Dark Powerbank Item #7120-43

Glow in the Dark Powerbank Item #7120-43

4 herunterladen. Mobile Charger with LED Light

The Leeman NY Charger has an ultra-bright LED flashlight, and has been tested and certified by the UL (Underwriters Laboratory). This battery will charge smartphones 100% and tablets 70%- 100% based on the make and model, and it’s Lithiom-ion battery allows you to charge your device virtually anywhere kindle files.

Mobile Charger with LED Light Item #PL-4449

Mobile Charger with LED Light Item #PL-4449

Since most people today are so dependent on their smartphones and tablets, power banks and portable chargers have quickly become essential tools. Get your logo on one of these gadgets and not only will you be promoting your brand, but you’ll also be helping your client in their time of need!

Visit our power bank shop to browse other power bank options or to purchase any of the gadgets mentioned above.

Pinnacle Promotions

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The 20 Year Old T-Shirt

The 20 Year Old T-Shirt

What an amazing year we have had at Pinnacle! We had so many great moments. One of our highlights was the fact that Pinnacle Promotions celebrated our 20th birthday this year herunterladen! We threw a party, we had personalized balloons, we had custom sunglasses, we gave the Pinnacle entire team promotional t-shirts. We held a contest and gave away an iPad in a branded tablet cover as a Grand Prize, and logo’d Bluetooth speakers as a First Place Prize ios 12.1.1 herunterladen. All of this to say, will any of these promotional products be around 20 years from now?

Turns out the answer might just be YES!

We love this article about a t-shirt that resurfaced after 20 years and the search to restore it to its original owner windows 7 ultimate 32 bit download deutsch kostenlos. The focus of the original story was donated clothes winding up for sale in third-world countries musik auf mp3 player herunterladen. We have written similar posts herunterladen. As one commenter states below, “(I) can tell you that there’s no lost value on “bad” clothing donations.”

A journalist noticed one shirt in particular that had personal details on the front and a name on the tag in the back teleboy app herunterladen. The man who saw the shirt decided to track down its original owner. With a little social media and a lot of luck…here’s what happened:

“We Found This 20-Year-Old T-Shirt In Kenya herunterladen. The Internet Found The Original Owner”

Courtesy of Gregory Werner/NPR

Courtesy of Gregory Werner/NPR

Courtesy Jennifer Rasansky

Courtesy Jennifer Rasansky

The value of a promotional product never goes out of style wie kann ich eine e mail herunterladen. The average promotional item is kept for 6.6 months, according to the Advertising Specialty Institute’s Impression Study (link). And in this case, some are kept for more than 20 years herunterladen! Look around; do you own a promotional product that you have had longer than 6 months, a year, 5 years, even 20 years? If so, snap a picture and post it to our Facebook wall at solidworks 2018 student.

Pinnacle Promotions

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The Importance of Toys

The Importance of Toys

The average workplace desk has 2.3 toys. Of the desks surveyed, the most popular office toy: The branded Rubik’s cube.

Toys are fun! Toys make you laugh! Toys can make you feel like a kid again! Toys can turn a difficult workday into a positive and even productive day! Putting your logo on a toy can create an instant connection between you and happiness for your audience filme herunterladen auf handy. Here is a list of some of the logo’d toys we saw in our survey and fun ways to use them.

Our clients created this super-fun video for their branded Popper.
We. Can’t. Stop. Watching.

2 php instead of running.
The branded Yo-Yo is part brander’s dream and part classic childhood toy. Put your logo on this Yo-Yo and take the dog for a walk you can nintendo switch games.


Born in 1981, Rubik’s cube becomes an instant hit among geeks and non-geeks alike fun race 3d for free. It is a staple of our childhood, that has been updated for today’s branding marketing. You can put most any logo on the red, yellow, white and blue squares of the cube we all know and love. Even if we can’t all solve the Rubik’s cube.

SPLAT dorfleben kostenlos herunterladen! ‘Nuff said.

To play with by yourself or your coworkers. The promotional hacky sack can provide hours of unproductive fun. And someday, if you practice really hard, you too can become as amazing as Evan Lovely download images from icloud. You, and your brand, can both be winners!

Who can forget the classic television commercial route downloaden tomtom go? Wax nostalgia with this colorful and fun promotional spring. Keep visitors entertained at your booth, also works great as a fun gift to loyal customers.

7 jardinains kostenlos downloaden.
The flying disc is perfect for the employee lunch break or your school’s field day. Your logo on one of these can take your brand above the crowd and put smiles on faces. You might not be as good at this as Brodie Smith, but spend a few lunch hours and “brainstorming meetings” with an imprinted flying disc and you might make a few trick shots of your own onedrive neu herunterladen!

Do you have a promotional toy at your desk? Do you use toys as giveaways for your tradeshow booth? Snap a pic and share it with us on our Facebook wall anschreiben vorlage downloaden!

Pinnacle Promotions

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