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FAQ series – What if I receive my order and I am not happy?

Here is another installment of FAQs from Pinnacle Promotions.

Before placing an order we often get the question, “What if I receive my order and I am not happy?” We do everything possible to prevent mistakes on orders and don’t like when our customers are not happy. Our Pinnacle Platinum Guarantee ensures that we will ship your order exactly as you approved on your Order Confirmation and Art Spec and that it will arrive on-time and error-free or we will re-run your order or refund your money.

Our order management system allows us to quickly and accurately process your orders with an extraordinary 99.5% order accuracy rate, so chances are slim that you’ll even ever need to apply our guarantee! We have a 15+ year impeccable reputation for service & quality and take customer satisfaction very seriously.

Before we begin production of your order, we go through an Order Confirmation process where you sign off on a complete Order form and Digital color art-proof. This ensures we are on the same page regarding the product, quantity, and the artwork on your product. Keep in mind, we will be happy to send you a sample of the product before you order and encourage you to take advantage of this offer so there are no surprises when you get the final product. For more information please review our Terms of Sale.

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Ode to My Favorite Promotional Product Posts

Dear Loyal Readers,

It is with a heavy heart and a cubicle full of promotional products that I write my final post for the Pinnacle Promotions blog. Rather than discuss a trending topic related to promo items, I would like to reflect on a few of my most memorable blog moments as part of Pinnacle’s Marketing Department. In no particular order:

1) Our very first blog post!

It is still hard to believe that Pinnacle did not have a blog when I was brought on board. Kim was responsible for crafting our inaugural blog entry on May 18, 2009 and we have now passed the 750-post mark! It has been an honor to work with such talented, creative writers- each one of you has inspired me on so many occasions and I have been fortunate to learn and grow as a result of our interactions.

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How to: Hold Your Own White Elephant Gift Exchange (Pinnacle-Style)

At Pinnacle, we hold a White Elephant Gift Exchange for our employees around Christmastime each year. Every employee that wants to participate brings in a wrapped present (we set the budget around $10 per gift, but you can instruct your guests to spend any amount of money, as long as it is standard across the board). The presents are organized in a designated area and left untouched until each participant has had the chance to pull a slip of paper with a number on it out of a hat; the count of numbers is based on the total number of gifts contributed to the game.

Once everybody has their number, the person who draws #1 can approach the gifts and choose one to unwrap. Then, the person who drew #2 can either “steal” person #1’s gift or bring a new gift into play by choosing one from the pile to unwrap. As the game continues, each player can choose to “steal” a gift that a previous player has unwrapped (up to 3 “steals” per gift, at which time it is considered out of play and remains with the third participant to “steal” it from its original owner) or select a new gift from the pool.

A few of the amusing gifts that made it into Pinnacle’s White Elephant Gift Exchange this year were:

-an entire set of mismatched dishes

-a statue of monkeys depicting the “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil” saying

-a dragon incense burner

-several store giftcards

-a bag of 850 gumballs

-a book of “Awkward Family Photos”

-a giant remote control + VHS tape of “Saved by the Bell”

-bumble bee promotional stress ball

-and more!


To view photos from the Pinnacle Promotions White Elephant Gift Exchange, visit us on Facebook.

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World’s Largest Chocolate Bar Educates Consumers About Portion Control

The world’s largest chocolate bar – unveiled in Chicago last week – measures almost 3 feet high, 21 feet long, and weighs in at 12,000 pounds. With 1,200 pounds of almonds, 5,500 pounds of sugar and 1,400 pounds of chocolate liquor, this bar could cure even the most serious of chocolate cravings!

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Pinnacle Promotions Supports Give 2 The Troops

Last month, Pinnacle Promotions began a companywide drive to collect items for Give 2 The Troops, a non-profit organization which sends loving care packages and letters to America’s deployed troops.

To date, we have collected almost triple the number of items established as our original goal and we are still accepting donations for another 2 weeks! The drive has spanned three distinct product categories, namely toiletries, food/snacks, and entertainment/miscellaneous.

We are thrilled with the success of our donation drive and can’t wait to send our enormous shipment off to the Give 2 The Troops headquarters, where it will be divided up and passed along to brave servicemen and women overseas.

To learn more about Pinnacle’s latest initiative benefitting Give 2 The Troops, view the official press release on our website.

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This week, we’re giving back.

We might be based in Atlanta, but our customers span the globe. So when we heard about how the tornadoes that devastated much of Alabama and, later, Joplin, Missouri, affected our network of suppliers and clients, we decided to help.

This week, 1% of what we earn on products in the Hot 25 category will be donated to organizations in Alabama and Missouri who are working so hard to help those affected by these recent tragedies get back on their feet.

We’re excited to write a check at the end of the week, but how big it is depends on you! If you’ve been thinking about buying some custom sunglasses for a summer event or are thinking ahead to a fall marketing campaign or even this year’s corporate holiday gifts, please consider making your purchase before close of business on Friday, June 17. You’ll be helping us help out a great cause.

Click here to view the Hot 25 >>

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The Pinnacle Promotions Blog is Now Creative Commons Licensed

Hello, readers! You may have noticed that we’ve added a new feature to our blog, located along the right side of the page:

Creative Commons License
The Promotional Products Blog by Pinnacle Promotions is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Creative Commons License may not apply to images used within posts and pages on this website — see links and attribution associated with each image for licensing information.

We’re excited to announce that all of the original content – posts, lists, insight, information, pictures and more – that appears on our blog can be quoted, shared, or adapted on your own blog or website provided that you include an attribution link back to the post you’re referring to.

We hope that you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to enter into dialogue with our content, and we’re looking forward to hearing (and seeing) what you have to say about our Promotional Products blog!

Please note that this license may not apply to videos and images we include in our blog posts – if you’ve got a question, just email us or contact us on Twitter and we’ll get back to you soon.

Happy blogging!

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Even The Jersey Shore Needs Promo Products

untouchables_finalThe following story takes place on the sparkling clean beaches of the Jersey Shore:

One day Danny told all of the kids working his T-shirt shop to come downstairs for a meeting. “We are going to be having a little competition from now on,” he explained. “Except I am going to make it really hard on about half of you. All of the awesome people are going to be on one team, and the rest of you who only lay around on the beach are going to be stuck on the other. I think you know who you are.”

As Snookie, Vinny, and Sweetheart Sammy looked at each other, they knew they were the latter team. “What should we call ourselves?” Snookie wondered. A light popped up above Sweetheart Sammy’s head for the first time in her life, and she blurted “We are like so Badass! We should name our team that!” The threesome grinned, honestly believing that they came up with the most original, coolest name ever conceived in the history of the Jersey Shore.

The rest of the Jersey Shore-eans rolled their eyes at their friends’ horribly lame attempt to bring something to the table. The Situation, Pauly, and Ronnie headed off to the gym to work on their A-game. As they were pumping iron to prepare for some serious fist-pumping later on that evening, they were discussing their Italian heritage. “We are so mafia,” grunted The Situation between reps. “We should call ourselves The Untouchables. Team Jackass has nothing on us!”

The three boys got back from the gym to find that their Italian flag bearing laptops had been hacked and now proclaimed “Team Badass Rocks!” Pauly was heated and wanted to start a fight, but JWow convinced him to wait. “You were working out hard at the gym and this was what they wasted their time on,” she explained. “Did you ever hear that story about the grasshopper and the ant? They are just playing games while we are preparing for the real challenge.” Pauly looked confused, Why is she talking about bugs? , but he decided not to start a fist fight with his roommate anyway.

The two teams conversed on how to get more people walking the boardwalk to come in and buy T-shirts. They only had one week left until they had to present their ideas to Danny. Team Badass continued to pull stupid pranks, like put photos of ugly donkeys up in their rooms and write on the Shore blog that the other team sucked. The Untouchables, however, were not fazed. They knew that they were, after all, untouchable. There was really nothing to worry about. The Untouchable team did a group fist pump, and prepared for a night of clubbing down at the Jersey Shore.

Account Coordinator

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We Fight Dirty: A Promotional Products Family Feud

In order to fuel 2010 with creativity and excitement, Pinnacle owners Mitch and Dave have orchestrated an elaborate internal campaign designed to hit the one nerve that gets people talking: competition.

In a decision that will prove ingenious at best and at worst insane, Mitch and Dave split our company in two, slashing the Sales Department, slicing Marketing in half, and dividing the graphic designers and web programmers like so many pieces of a chocolate chip cookie cake at a third grader’s birthday party.

Since it was overheard that “trash talking will get you bonus points” (Mitch), Team Badass and The Untouchables have been doing quite a bit of it when we’re not whispering with paranoia behind closed doors about our ideas for the first sales contest.

As a disclaimer, Team Badass is better in every respect and you should pull for us. I mean them.

Now check out these photos from the beginning stages of the feud, taken by your eternally neutral photographer:


the best team's poster -- Team Badass

the best team’s poster

My cubicle wall has been tagged by Badass.

My cubicle wall has been tagged by Badass.

So has Katie Barnes'.

So has Katie Barnes’.

badass chat

The teams have been pranking each other back and forth. Last week Team Badass emerged from a meeting to find their screensavers glowing with a slideshow of Untouchables images. Then Monday the Untouchables discovered that all their away messages had been changed to “I <3 Team Badass!” Emails have been hacked and cubicles invaded. No one is safe.

And the next time you need promotional products — or just want somebody awesome to hang with at a party — email one of our Badass sales teams.

Because everyday they’re hustlin’.

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