The street food scene: “If we didn’t have phones, what would we do?”

Many people can’t imagine life without a cell phone, but believe it or not, most of us would probably be okay (though inconvenienced). There are some businesses, however, that have built strong foundations almost exclusively through the mobile web, and without phones, they’d have a hard time surviving. One industry that is full of entrepreneurs who you’ll never see without smartphones in hand? Street food, which has developed a pretty impressive presence here in Atlanta through the power of mobile marketing.

As Jordan Chambers of Rattletrap Street Coffee bluntly puts it in the video below: “If we didn’t have phones, what… would we do?”

Coffee Gets Creative from Allies on Vimeo.

When you leave home without your phone, will it have a direct impact on how much money your business makes that day? For street food vendors like Rattletrap, the answer is yes. For most of us, though, the only thing that spending a few hours without our cell phones will keep us from doing is sending a text message or two.

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