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Promotional Products to Recruit A Few Good Employees

promotional jottersFor the first time since its inception in the 18th century, the US Army has introduced an advertising campaign to recruit officers. Overcome with young recruits – due in part to the economic downturn and the damaged job market – they have found themselves short on officers to lead them. The force has expanded by more than 50,000 troops since 2005, only 83 percent of which in 2008 held a high school diploma, coming up just short of the Army’s goal of 90 percent for the third consecutive year. So while it is meeting, and exceeding, its goal for total number of recruits, it is not finding enough men and women qualified to lead them.

The new ads do not stray far from the style of their typical recruitment efforts depicting soldiers in fatigues marching to patriotic music. But they have been altered to appeal to more ambitious and higher-educated young Americans, those who may not normally consider the Army as a positive step toward their career objectives. They have created four television commercials as the nucleus of the campaign, featuring stories of high-ranking corporate executives who began their careers as Army officers or showing pictures of notorious generals from George Washington to Colin Powell. The goal is not only to find officers for the Army now, but also to do an overall better job of marketing that position within the force. As Lt. Gen. Benjamin C. Freakley, head of the Army Accessions Command, which oversees recruiting told NY Times reporter Douglas Quenqua, “If you think about it as brand or product management, we have this product within our brand that gets no notoriety. For those who just graduated college, now is the time to become aware they can come to officer candidate school. We think the timing is right to get the notion out.”

Is your company looking to recruit new hires? While you may not have the budget to permit a national television ad campaign, there are many other less costly ways by which to find the right candidates to help build your business. The job market is beginning to heat up again, and especially the demand for entry-level employees. One way to acquire new recruits is by offering promotional products, especially if the candidate is not actively pursuing a position with your company. Promotional products can help lure people to your booth at job fairs and career shows, and help them remember your company after the event too. You could choose something of use to them at the time of the event like promotional jotters to take notes about the companies they meet or even offer bottles of water with labels customized with your company name and logo. Another idea to support your recruiting process is to offer promotional gifts as incentives for employees who bring in prospects. Browse our online selections of gifts and giveaways for some more promotional marketing ideas.

Here is one of the new Army Officership Recruiting Commercials:


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Promotional Products for the Restaurateur… Or For Your Office Break Room!

Thank you, Swanson, for selling the first TV dinner this month (September 10th, to be exact) in 1953. It wasn’t technically the first ready-made meal on a tray, but Swanson was the manufacturer of TV dinners that most successfully captured the market for convenience foods.

My lack of culinary prowess leads me to rely on microwave meals more often than is probably healthy. In college, poor eating habits are justified (well, somewhat) by busy schedules and inadequate kitchen space, but I no longer have a good excuse for indulging in frozen entrees. Am I lazy? Maybe a little bit. But I like to think I am eating a dish that is far tastier than anything I would have been able to whip up otherwise. I occasionally opt for a more upscale “TV dinner” dining experience by transferring my food from an unappetizing container to an attractive plate or bowl. I noticed many of my coworkers partaking in this seemingly odd ritual in our company’s break room, and upon trying it myself, I truly did notice a difference in the way my food tasted and the satisfaction I felt after consuming it!

To create the illusion of a fine dining atmosphere in your office’s otherwise mundane break room or cafeteria, why not invest in slightly more substantial custom imprinted paper napkins than the solid colored ones found in a grocery store? The logo and message featured on the napkins can subtly remind your employees, customers, and/or guests of the professionalism with which your brand approaches even the most minuscule of details. Linen Like ® napkins are inexpensive, come in a wide array of sizes and thicknesses, and are sure to impress their end users.

Another promotional item that may surprise frequenters of your company’s dining area is a pepper mill. No restaurant dining experience would be complete without fresh ground pepper to season a gourmet meal, so why not spoil lunch room diners with the same courtesy? Microwave dinners can benefit from flavor enhancing seasonings, just like restaurant or home-cooked meals!

Lastly, to remedy one of the worst problems associated with lunch or snack breaks, what office dining area would be complete without promotional mints? Most restaurants leave a container filled with logo imprinted mints at the host stand, and in that same fashion, Pinnacle Promotions, keeps a stash of custom imprinted miniature boxes of mints handy at all times to eliminate the risk of bad breath. Everyone should be able to enjoy their meal without worrying about the leftover scent of their food staying on their breath throughout the duration of the workday. By keeping a bowl filled with promotional mints or gum in or near the cafeteria, workers and guests can take the breath freshening items with them on the go, effectively keeping your brand in the forefront of their minds whenever they crave minty fresh breath!

Whether your employees and clients are food connoisseurs or convenience food aficionados like myself, allow them the opportunity to savor their meals in the workplace by offering them Food & Drink promotional products from Pinnacle Promotions.


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Promotional Products to Bring Out the Inner Musician in Each of Us

_e.t-Davies-Symphony-HallSeptember happens to be Classical Music Month. As a longtime flautist (I began playing in the fourth grade and continued to pursue my passion for music throughout college), I have always been a fan of classical music and famous classical performers like Yo Yo Ma and Bocelli. I don’t know how I would have made it through college without the comforting sounds of classically trained musicians wafting through my headphones during late-night study sessions!

If you are looking for unique promotional products to distribute to musicians or loyal followers of the music world, sometimes the best product choices are also the most unlikely. During the time I spent developing my musical talent, I found many promotional products to be extremely useful. I never attended a Wind Ensemble rehearsal without a pencil and highlighter in my flute case to make necessary revisions and notes on my sheet music according to the conductors’ instructions. My home or dorm room practice sessions always made use of media players or speakers to amplify professional recordings of pieces that I was currently working on, and whenever I was stuck without a music stand to display my sheet music, I would look to handy desktop items like portfolios or note holders to prop up the pages. I also never left home for a rehearsal without a canvas tote bag to keep my sheet music, metronome, and tuner accessible at all times.

Both of my former flute teachers played in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and encouraged me to listen to recordings and learn from world-renowned musicians like flautist James Galway. They would always give me CD recordings of performances by classical musicians for holiday and birthday gifts, and my collection of classical recordings has grown to include hundreds of discs. I store many of them in CD cases, but my favorites have earned a spot in my CD visor that I keep in my car. Don’t get me wrong; I listen to country, rap, rock, and pop music as well, but every once in awhile I find myself in the mood for some soothing classical performances to escape from the realities of horrendous traffic and lousy Atlanta drivers.

Promote your brand by giving away custom imprinted products to bring out the inner musician in each of your clients and employees!

Also, make sure to check out my current favorite musician, David Garrett. Not only is he a Juilliard graduate who holds the world record for the most notes played on the violin in one second (13!) during his rendition of Flight of the Bumblebee, but he has integrated incredible covers of songs by Michael Jackson and AC/DC into his extensive repertoire. See him breaking the world record here:

Or, if you are more intrigued by his ability to transcribe Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” into a violin performance, take a look at that video below:


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Express Your Beliefs with Promotional Signs and Presentation Tools

promotional signs and presentation toolsNews coverage has recently been inundated with stories and images of American citizens voicing concerns over President Obama’s proposed healthcare plan. With millions of Americans currently not holding any health insurance, and millions more currently underinsured, the government’s healthcare expenditure is out of control, and the whole country is in agreement that changes need to be made with urgency. However, opinions about how to revamp healthcare programs to conserve federal funds are far from unanimous. The on-going debate about Obama’s plan has led to a media frenzy, and neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have taken a clear-cut stance on the issue.

For years controversial topics such as this one have brought people with common beliefs together to fight for their shared convictions. Anything from animal rights, to anti-smoking, to green and sustainable initiatives, is enough to spur passionate dialogue from informed (and unfortunately sometimes, uninformed) citizens. Whether you are setting up a protest, or merely trying to direct peoples’ attention to a cause that you are dedicated to, it is important to prepare adequate signage and displays to effectively communicate your message. Your collateral needs to be bold enough to make a statement, but I would advise against setting up anything too permanent. Chances are that you will want to repeat your efforts in another location in the future, so your best bet would be to purchase presentation equipment that can be put up and taken down without a hassle. Also, consider transportation whenever you are planning for a cause-related event or rally. Can your display pieces be moved by a compact car? Or will you need to rent appropriate vehicles? Advance preparation will greatly benefit the execution of your event, and you will be more relaxed if you do not have to scramble for last-minute collateral and promotional materials.

To assist with your publicity efforts, we feature a wide array of Trade show Displays & Signage on our website. You can purchase items like portable tables and custom imprinted banners to enhance the professionalism of your staged protest or campaign. Passersby will be more likely to take notice of an attractively conveyed message, and if you do happen to capture press coverage, your organized rally will be taken more seriously than just a spontaneous get-together. Also, consider purchasing inexpensive giveaway items that support the objectives of your campaign. Items like pens or bumper stickers can gain serious promotional mileage, but make sure that you have adequate supply to distribute to all of the supporters in attendance.

As Americans, we are fortunate to be granted the right of free speech, and in accordance with that right, why not articulate your meaningful words on a customized promotional product or piece of promotional signage?

Marketing Coordinator

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Promotional Products for the Hippie Inside Us All

So I’m a couple of days late, but this week (August 15-18) marked the 40th anniversary of what is now regarded as one of the most monumental events in music history, and an icon of the 1960’s hippie counterculture, the Woodstock Music & Art Fair. Billed as “3 Days of Peace & Music” – which ran over into a fourth day – the Woodstock festival lured over 400,000 concertgoers despite heat, rain and mud, to a 600-acre dairy farm in Bethel, New York (43 miles south of the actual town of Woodstock, New York) for a queue of 32 live acts from the likes of the Grateful Dead; Janis Joplin; Creedence Clearwater Revival; The Who; Jefferson Airplane; Joe Cocker; Blood, Sweat & Tears; Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; and Jimi Hendrix, just to name a few.

It was originally spawned as a fundraising effort by four young men (the oldest of whom was 27 in the summer of ’69) to raise money to build a recording studio in Woodstock, NY where artists like Bob Dylan and Richard Manuel already resided. Their idea began as a 2-day rock concert for 50,000 people or so in Wallkill, NY, with tickets ranging in price from $7 to $18. It would evolve into the free, 4-day, half a million people event in Bethel it became thanks to the citizens of Wallkill passing a last minute law banning the concert, early arrivals camping out before security gates were placed, and an ultimate decision to make the concert free instead of attempting to pool resources to improve fencing and security. Despite the challenges and changes, the crowds, the rain, the hour-long lines for the toilet, and the result of a $1 million debt and 70 filed lawsuits, Woodstock still produced an overall sense of success as, with the potential for riot and disaster, there was only social harmony and great music.

In honor of Woodstock’s anniversary, I have compiled a list of promotional products to help bring out the hippie that inevitably lies somewhere within us all, the part of our minds and souls where there is only room for peace, love and music.

An acid wash t-shirt – because actual acid was made illegal by the Controlled Substances Act in 1970.

A bandana – because you need something to cover up your greasy, dread-like locks.

Aviator-style sunglasses – because your eyes will need shade from the bright, summer sun.

And of course, a lighter – because legend claims that the practice of waving lighters at concerts began during Woodstock when candles were held aloft as the sun went down and Melanie took the stage.

Creative Writing Intern

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Promotional Products for People Who Talk Too Much

Now I know we all hate when our inboxes become cluttered with chain mail and viral videos that don’t usually serve any higher purpose than to give a mid-morning chuckle and waste a few minutes of our time, but my dad sent me this one a few weeks ago and it has now been circulating around the Pinnacle office – and I think it is pretty funny:

The baby is pretty cute and quite the chatterbox, but the clip only precipitates the real topic at hand – do women really talk more than men? It is a matter about which the male population has long speculated, and the female population has long denied. Well back in 2006, a female psychologist tried to affirm this longstanding stereotype in her book “The Female Brain.” According to its author, Louann Brizendine, founder and director of the University of California, San Francisco’s Women’s Mood and Hormone Clinic, women in fact speak an average of 20,000 words per day, nearly three times the scanty 7,000 spoken by men. Don’t get too excited men – Ms. Brizendine has since retracted this claim, and there have been numerous studies published that now place this presumption back in the category of myth. New consensus? The sexes speak just about the same amount, averaging out to about 16,000 words daily.

So we all like to talk, and at Pinnacle Promotions, we have some great products that are perfect for doing just that! Exercise your vocal cords with the the Tuxedo Digital Media Player that can also record and play voice messages. Or if you happen to be victim to someone who talks just a little too much, you probably need the Leed’s High Noise Cancellation Headphones!

Creative Writing Intern

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