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Replace Your Sony Walkman with a Promotional MP3 Player

After 30 years, the Sony Walkman has officially been retired – and unlike Brett Favre, I have a feeling it won’t be back anytime soon. As the first low-cost, portable music player, the Walkman (originally called the Soundabout in the US) made it possible for people to listen to music anywhere. In a society of people who are always on the go, this is a luxury that many of us take for granted.

Nowadays, people love their music, and they want to have it with them everywhere: during their daily commute, at the gym, even at the grocery store. Help your customers jam all day long with a promotional MP3 player.

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Remember Celebrity Encounters with 4-Color Process Promotional Products

The Dalai Lama was in Atlanta this week, and one of the Pinnacle marketing department’s own, Sarah, was lucky enough to meet him – though she might have been more excited about meeting Richard Gere, who joined forces with His Holiness and Alice Walker for a discussion on spirituality and creativity.  Likewise, Buzzfeed recently published the 21 Best Pictures of Luke Perry at Dragon*Con, a series of award-worthy photos of Perry with fans at the world’s largest fantasy/sci-fi convention.

When us normal people meet a celebrity or other prominent individual we admire,it’s special. So why not remember the occasion with 4-color process promotional products?

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Bring Them to Your Booth with Inexpensive Giveaways

This past Saturday my husband and I had the pleasure of attending the first annual Grayson Blues & Brews festival in Grayson, GA. While the entrance fee was a bit on the steep side, the promise of an afternoon of free-flowing beer tastings, an event t-shirt and other inexpensive giveaways was enough to seal the deal. And with a rather large crowd, the event seemed to be a hit in the growing Gwinnett town.

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Promotional Kits for National Preparedness Month

This morning on my way to work, a shining beacon of inspiration hung above the highway: an illuminated Georgia DOT sign encouraging commuters to ‘Get Prepared for Preparedness Month.’ I immediately felt smug as I glanced in the rear view mirror at my automotive emergency kit. However, that comfortable feeling soon disappeared as I began to consider the opacity of the suggestion on the sign: ‘Get Prepared’ for what? I might have a couple of promotional kits in my car for first-aid catastrophes and vehicular issues, but that was the extent of my preparedness. As soon as I got to my desk I started in on a little research and development and was relieved to find that there is a promotional kit to prepare me for any unforeseen circumstances, from a lost button that needs reattached to an impromptu craft party. Get prepared…

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Promotional tools for home improvement

I purchased my first townhouse last November and have slowly and steadily been making little and big improvements here and there. I completely understand now why a homeowner’s work is never done. I never would have thought of promotional tools as being a helpful or useful household tool, but with practicality being a driving factor in how more and more Marketing departments determine what promotional products they will purchase, a promotional tools sounds very fitting. I definitely could have used several more promotional tools over this past weekend as my parents and I tried to widen a doorway within my home. I will get my home there, slowly but surely.

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Pets love promotional items too.

This weekend in Atlanta a benefit concert will take place to help raise awareness and funds for several local animal foundations. It really got me thinking about how important pets have become in our society. So why not pamper your cuddly pals with promotional pet products, they deserve some fun too. The most common promotional pet products for dogs would be of course a dog-friendly frisbee, but nowadays there are so many more fun and unique promotional products to choose from. One of the coolest new products I have seen lately is a pet travel bowl just for dogs, it works so well you can’t leave home with out it!

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Promotional Products Giveaways and Wedding Dances that Truly Make an Entrance

Every girl knows that planning a wedding is a lot of work. From finding the perfect dress to the best wedding favors (see Stephania’s blog post for ideas on promotional products giveaways), there are many factors to consider. These days, it seems as though one of the most important features of the wedding- after the ceremony and vows of course- is a couple’s first dance.
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Today I become a homeowner. Wonder if I’ll leave with a promotional product of sorts. Maybe a promotional key chain?

Today’s the day my husband and I become homeowners. It’s a modest ranch style home, and we cannot wait to move in. It has been quite a process for us to find a home, and finally get to this stage. With home prices being so low in the current economic state, the market for first time home buyers has proven to be über competitive.

I’ve likened our search to that of a relationship. You fall in love. Go through a bad breakup. Maybe multiple. And then finally, finally, find the one to spend the rest of your life with – or at least the next few years. Well we have finally found the one, and are excited and nervous to find what challenges the closing will bring.

As we wrap up the last final details before the closing, I can’t help but reflect on the entire process and have to give credit to my Realtor for being such a help to two newbies entering into the grown-up world of homeownership. Through our journey, we’ve developed a strong business relationship with our Realtor, Mark, and know exactly whom we will turn to when it’s time to upgrade to our next home.

Mark met the needs of his customers. That’s great. He did his job. He found us a home and will (finally after 7 long months) be getting a commission. However, to earn this position as our “family” Realtor, Mark had to do more than simply meet our needs. Pretty much anyone could have found us a home. But Mark did more than just find us a house. Mark was a trouper through it all. He’s gone on many day-long house hunting trips in nearly ever city in the metro-Atlanta area. He’s found us homes that were on budget, under budget and a few that were simply perfect. He has answered my calls at 6:00 on Saturday night asking him to show us the house we just found online – preferably next day.

He not only met our needs, but went above and beyond to make the home buying process as seamless and as straightforward as he could for two people who have never experienced this before. This type of service is what earns a lasting spot in the cellphones, address books and planners of your customers.

When you as a business go above and beyond by providing a friendly disposition, corporate branded gifts and stellar customer service, you earn a lasting place as a company of choice to your client base. Build your business, earn clients for life and bring in referrals from happy customers.

Could the premise be simpler?

Meeting needs = closed deal. Great! That’s money in the bank. Meeting wants = customers for life. Excellent!! That’s a closed deal + repeat business + referrals. Which would you prefer?

So, I’m off to my closing. Keep your fingers crossed that it’s smooth sailing! And that maybe we leave a shiny new promotional key chain to hang our new keys on.

Marketing Coordinator

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Blue Moons and Promotional Hats

This blog posting is mainly a reflection of how the thought of promotional products can truly infiltrate one’s everyday life. Try and follow me on my literary journey to how I found another perfect occasion to supplement one’s marketing efforts with promotional items…

If you happened to take a peak at the full moon shining above on New Year’s Eve then you got a special glimpse of what is called a “blue moon,” meaning the 2nd full that occurs in a single month (there is generally only 1 full moon each month). Even more special is the fact that this blue moon occurred on New Year’s Eve, a correlation that has not happened since 1990, and will not happen for another 19 years. Colloquially, a blue moon refers to a very rare event, and inspired the phrase “Once in a blue moon,” (which actually occurs about once every two and a half years) whose usage dates back to the Medieval Times in England.

This idiom made me think of another popular expression, “Hats off to you,” which is an expression of admiration or praise said to have evolved from the action of actually taking one’s hat off to show respect to someone. Upon my search for a deeper history of this tradition, I discovered that January 15 is Hat Day, which would be the perfect occasion to advertise one’s business and services with promotional hats!

And finally for your listening pleasure, the ballad “Blue Moon” written by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart in 1934, here performed by Dean Martin.

Team Lead – Multimedia

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