Promotional t-shirts for a Color Run

I’m a runner, not a fast runner, but a runner none the less.  I’d say that I do about 5-10 races of varying distances each year.  I’m sort of competitive when I race.  While there’s no way that I’m ever going to win the race or anything even remotely close to that, I do like to beat my previous times.  That said, sometimes there are races that aren’t meant to be run for PRs.  They are just meant to be run for fun.  Have you heard of the newest trend in fun runs?  It’s a color run!

From my research, I gathered that the concept of a color run was first introduced by The Color Run™  in January of 2012 and the idea has soared in popularity ever since.  The blasts of color feel somewhat like powdered sugar and while they sort of wash off, I wouldn’t suggest wearing your Sunday best while running in one of these.  Fortunately, most races provide a white t-shirt for you to wear.

Emory University recently held a color run as part of their Think Pink Week.  Proceeds from the race benefitted the Winship Cancer Institution.  Participants were encouraged to wear their white Think Pink Week promotional t-shirts and they were doused with pink powder as they crossed the finish line.

Have you ever done a color run?  Tell us about it in the comments!

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I’ve seen pictures of people doing these color runs… looks like a lot of fun and a more casual run or charity walk. Great idea!

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