Celebrate Memorial Day!


beach itemsThis weekend, take a moment to reflect on the true reason for Memorial Day’s existence. Although we often associate the holiday with a long weekend or the Indianapolis 500, Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for American soldiers who gave their lives for our country. As you set off on trips to the beach or lake, pause to consider the people who are the underlying cause for this national holiday. Our homeland is fortunate to have such dedicated servicemen and women protecting our honor.

Despite the solemn nature of Memorial Day, a long weekend is always reason to celebrate! Employees or customers can enjoy beach-themed goodies all summer long, and we suggest stuffing gift bags with necessities from our Beach Items category.
Fillers like Frisbees offer fun for the whole family, and Sunscreen & Suncare Kits will help prevent nasty sunburns.

This Memorial Day, have fun and stay safe, but most importantly, give thanks for the soldiers lost in the name of duty and keep American troops currently on the front lines in your thoughts and prayers.

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game!


Monday night the Pinnacle Crew headed to Turner Field to take in an Atlanta Braves baseball game against the Colorado Rockies. Unfortunately the Braves lost, but we all felt like winners! There is nothing like watching a baseball game on an unusually cool Atlanta night while enjoying all that great stadium food. From peanuts, pretzels, and hotdogs to fully loaded nachos and pizza we all took down some major calories as we cheered on the home team.

Being in the promotional products industry it is hard not to notice all of the promotional marketing that goes on at a live sporting event. From company sponsored billboards, foam Braves tomahawks, branded sweepers that clean off the field to the T-shirts they shoot out into the stands, there are literally thousands of opportunities to promote your business or organization. Even if you don’t have the budget for a Braves game sponsorship, your local little league or annual baseball tournament is a great opportunity to promote yourself. Check out our Outdoors category for great spirit accessories, like imprinted foam fingers, pom poms, sports balls and megaphones.

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