Working Towards the Prize: Promotional Products for Gym Goers

While the new year often inspires people to hit the gym and make a commitment to a healthier way of life, by the end of July, your motivation to work out might be slightly waning.  It happens to the best of us.  But one gym, Jazzercise, has found a way to inspire their members to keep coming to the gym all year long.  And how are they doing this?  By offering an attendance game where the prizes are promotional products.

Jazzercise t-shirt

Here’s how their program works:

Each member is given the opportunity to pair up with a friend and each time they come to the gym, they’ll get a point for going. When each team attends a set number of classes, they’ll win a prize. Prizes are items like t-shirts, water bottles, totes, towels and more!

Each center is also authorized to run specials for extra attendance points. For example, one might choose to have a can drive and reward their members extra points if they bring in canned food for donation. Or, they might reward their members will extra points if they bring a friend to a class.

Running a game like this is great for both the attendee and the gym itself. Working toward a prize, no matter how small, is always motivational and gym members may find themselves pushing themselves to work out just a little more often. The gym benefits not only by seeing an increase in attendance, but by having their logo printed on the prize items. Gym-goers who get their prize are likely to wear (or use) it with pride, showing off their commitment to healthy living and, at the same time, showing off their favorite gym.

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