5 Reasons You Need an Online Company Store

Promotional products are an excellent way to advertise your brand while showing appreciation for your clients, customers, and employees. According to an ASI Study, 85% of people who receive promotional products remember the brand who gave them their swag. The same ASI study also found that people keep these products for an average of a year, which means your logo will be seen time and time again.

There’s no doubt that using branded merchandise is a cost-effective way to promote your business. By working with Pinnacle Promotions to create and maintain a company swag store, you’ll be able to take all the stress out of your promotional product management.

Here are the Top 5 benefits of having a company store:

Benefit #1: Ability to consolidate and control your spend

If you are part of an organization that purchases a large amount of branded merchandise, you’ve probably dealt with a variety of issues including rogue employee spend, products from different vendors that don’t quite match, or spotting your logo on a product you know would NEVER be approved. 

With our company store solution, you’ll be able to set budget and spend allowances, have control over purchases, and even set up automated manager approvals.

Benefit #2: Reporting capabilties

No one wants to spend their time digging around in their marketing closet, only to find that they never reordered those company logo pens, or the only t-shirts left are size XXS. Maintaining sufficient reporting is necessary so that you’ll always be aware of your exact inventory at any given time. 

With our company store solution, you’ll have access to a reporting dashboard that is accurate, accessible, and intuitive. You will also receive a comprehensive purchasing summary for both online and offline spend. Pinnacle Promotions also conducts quarterly business reviews to discuss store and product performance.

Benefit #3: Efficient time management

While sourcing the best promotional products can be fun, it’s also extremely time consuming and not all vendors provide the same quality of product. 

With our company store solution, you can be assured that your orders will be accurate and the products will be high quality. 98% of orders ship in 24 hours.

Benefit #4: No more dealing with logistics and warehousing

In addition to sourcing products, packing and shipping them can also be extremely time consuming and sometimes confusing.

With our company store solution, you’ll be able to leave that all behind. We will pack and ship your merchandise, send automated order confirmations, and take care of supply chain management.

Benefit #5: Improved employee engagement

As evidenced by The Great Resignation, maintaining good employee morale is extremely important for retention. A gift of appreciation can go a long way. 

With our company store solution, we can offer awards that recognize distinguished performance, provide brand name apparel and merchandise options, or even create a completely custom reward portal.

Take control of your brand and your spending, access creative solutions, and get the right product on time, every time with an online custom store. Let us help you customize your solution. Contact us at 877.796.3397 for more information.