Congratulations to the Winner of Our Promotional Products IQ Test!

drcorneilusThe odds were in her favor to win, as she happened to be the only entrant, but all joking aside, this contestant did happen to score 100% on yesterday’s Promotional Products IQ Test! Congratulations, Cameron; you will receive your goodie bag shortly.

As for the answers:

1. Which former president of the United States is often associated with the start of the promotional products industry?
Answer: That would be George Washington, the first ever president of our country.

2. What item affiliated with (1) is credited with being the first promotional product?
Answer: The promotional products industry in the United States is said to date back to 1789, when George Washington incorporated commemorative promotional buttons into his political campaign.

3. Name three imprint methods that can be used to customize promotional products.
Answer: Any number of answers would be considered correct for this one, but to name a few promotional products imprint methods: screenprint, laser engraving, deboss, emboss, and embroidered.

4. What does the acronym “EQP” stand for?

Answer: End quantity pricing. When purchasing promotional products, some items are offered at special pricing plans. EQP is one such offering, where customers can buy a given product at the price given for quantities of the largest denomination, even when they may in fact be purchasing the lowest available quantity. ie for t-shirt A, the price for 50-99 items may be $4.00 each, but for quantities of 1000+, the price may be $2.50 each. If t-shirt A is being sold on EQP, a customer is able to pay $2.50 even when they may only be buying 75 shirts. Many products sold by Pinnacle Promotions are offered at EQP pricing so be on the lookout for these great deals!

5. What is the approximate estimated annual value of the promotional products industry?
a. $15 million
b. $150 million
c. $25 billion
d. $18 billion
Answer: According to the 2008 PPAI Estimate of Promotional Products Consultants Sales, the answer is closest to d. $18 billion.

6. What was the top-selling category of promotional products in 2008?
a. Writing instruments
b. Wearables
c. Tote bags
d. Padfolios
Answer: That would be b. Wearables. In 2008, this category comprised a whopping 30.68% of total promotional product sales!

For those of you who ran out of time before you had the chance to enter, I hope you learned something about promotional products by reading this answer guide, and next time we hold a contest make sure to submit your entry before time runs out! :)


I think old George really should’ve branded his wooden teeth. Just think how ahead of his time he could have been? Sure, “1st American President” is nice, but “1st Dude with Branded Teeth”? Fuggedaboutit.

This was a cool contest. I hope you do it again!

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