For the Fan in All of Us: Promotional Spirit Accessories

I’ve never really been that big into football. Yes, I watch the Super Bowl each year. I do have a small stash of promotional spirit accessories. And sure I’ll go to a game now and again. But I’ve never really had that desire to, say, paint my face in blue or red and tailgate mercilessly before each and every home game.

Well that all changed yesterday. At 7:30 on Thursday, Georgia State University (my Alma Mater) played the first game of their inaugural football season – and won big time.

In a 41-7 victory against Shorter University, the Georgia State Panthers gave the crowd of over 30,000 fans quite a show; dominating the field from kickoff. Even though my husband and I have never really been “sports people” we were up, swinging our promotional spirit accessories and screaming for victory with the rest of the crowd. Who were – in large part – decked out in my new favorite shade of blue.

I couldn’t help but smile at the energy of the event. The student section was an ocean of blue, glittering spirit wigs were worn proudly and the Boom Boom Sticks and Rollabanas demonstrated the crowd’s excitement with every pass and tackle.

While the excitement of the Panthers’ first game was definitely fueled in part by the significance of this inaugural event, I am sure that the team will have no problem keeping the crowd excited throughout the entire season. Off to a strong start with a large attendance, their heartfelt performance is sure to keep the crowds coming back.

I know I’ll be there. With my Georgia State tee on and noisemakers in hand!

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