Get Fashionable with Personal 3-D Custom Sunglasses

colon+right.bracketThe success of 3-D films has created a sort of frenzy over 3-D products. Not only are ticket sales to big-screen films increasing, but 3-D television sets are popping up in bars and homes.

In an article on Mashable, a news source for social and digital media, it was reported that at the peak of the Avatar film 798,000 pairs of disposable 3-D glasses were used a day. One day!

In an effort to stylize the 3-D viewing process, save the planet, and keep track of your “specs,” you can now purchase 3-D custom sunglasses. The logic…as 3-D entertainment breaks out into the social scene, it’s now more important than ever to look good while watching sports teams in bars.

The darkness inside the theater masked some of the “dorkiness,” but in bars, clubs, and homes you can’t hide! Companies like Oakley, Polaroid, Calvin Klein, Moshka 3-D, and Gucci have designed glasses to help 3-D fans look good. Throw on your custom sunglasses strap, and you’ll never loose track of your one of a kind glasses.

As more 3-D films are set to release in 2011 and television sets fly off the rack, increase your “coolness” with  3-D custom sunglasses and a custom sunglass strap.

Lauren Cohen
Marketing Coordinator

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