Here comes the Bride… and promotional magnets

Wedding season is in full swing. I not only have friends that are getting married in the coming weeks, but buzz is in the air around our office from co-workers who are attending if not just one, but multiple weddings throughout Spring as well.  I guess it is just natural for people our age to take the leap.  You wouldn’t think that a company such as ourselves would get many orders for weddings, but surprisingly we do. Couples are not only commemorating their day, but they want all their guests to have a little something to take home so they can remember the joyous occasion as well. A popular choice is a can or bottle koozie, because you know as well as I, you can take that anywhere. Some other interesting requests I have seen are frisbees, promotional magnets and for those with a little bigger budget promotional glassware. I guess it just goes to show you, no matter what type of event you go to even if it is just a wedding, people love getting free stuff.  Maybe when I get married one day, I will look for some “swag” to give out as well.


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My fridge is covered in couples’ “save the date” magnets that hold up… none other than the wedding invitations themselves! :)

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