How to Handle a Suddenly Canceled Event

Event planners must be ready for all types of challenges and disruptions that can take place. 

Having to pull the plug on an event that took months of preparation and planning can be a tough decision to make free Christmas motifs to download. It can happen for many reasons: low ticket sales, the performer falls ill, a community crisis or state-of-emergency, funding issues, etc. 

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has been the cause of hundreds of canceled events around the world wordpad schriftarten kostenlos. When an event must shut down, it may leave you scrambling to come up with a solution that keeps your ticket holders informed and slightly less disappointed. 

Having to cancel is a real bummer, but we’ve come up with some simple tips to overcome the sudden status change and keep your customers (somewhat) satisfied. 

Confirm that the event cannot go on

Cancellations are sometimes unavoidable and out of your control movies from media libraries. These types of situations may be government-mandated, or due to weather, venue orders, the entertainer’s health, or out of an abundance of caution. 

Review your booking agreements and contracts if the cancellation is on the venue or performer herunterladen. You’ll probably want to read up on your insurance policy to see coverage and claim details. 

Cease all ticket sales

If your event is suddenly canceled while the ticket window is still open, quickly cease all ticket sales and payment processing. 

Make sure that you pull down the “buy tickets” button from your website, and that you alert your third-party ticket vendors to remove the listing. 

Consider your options

Depending on the circumstances, you may have some options to give your customers. 

Is the event able to be saved and postponed to a later date architect 3d free download? You’ll be able to turn around some fans’ day who can’t wait to attend the rescheduled event. 

Other options to offer your fans include issuing a refund or applying their purchase to a future event in the form of credit herunterladen. Your fans may be satisfied with the options, and you’ll want to be transparent about the process of both and inform them of the steps to take. 

Try to make the process as easy as possible for your affected customers brother download. You want them to remember how you helped correct an unfortunate situation. 

Communicate updates to the public

Get the word out to the public of the event’s status instagramen op macbook. If you’re selling tickets at the door, you’ll need to notify the masses to keep customers from traveling to buy tickets to a canceled event. 

Send out a message on your social media, through email, text, and website posts color picker herunterladen. Create a banner informing those of the event cancellation and the contact information where they can direct their questions. 

It’s better to over-communicate – that way you have a greater chance of reaching every ticket holder. 

Enlist a response team to answer customer questions

With a sudden change such as this, you’ll need a few more helping hands to deal with the volume of incoming calls, chats, and emails. 

Having an internal FAQ resource sheet available to your response team can help them accurately and confidently answer the questions and concerns coming their way from frustrated customers. 

Say sorry with an incentive or peace offering

An apology email can help explain the situation to your customers while acknowledging their frustration and disappointment. 

It’s a great opportunity to tell your customers your plan of action and reassure them that you’re handling everything, and you can let them know of any incentives or peace offerings you may be offering to help express your sincerest apologies. 

Some ideas include:

  1. A discount on a future event
  2. Food and drink voucher redeemable on the postponed date
  3. Free custom event t-shirt and a promotional baseball cap
  4. Covered parking fees at a future event
  5. Branded tumbler to use at drink stations for unlimited refills

If you’re able to hold a virtual event and live-stream the performance, consider sending the ticket holders a swag bag of goodies herunterladen. It’ll help foster goodwill. 

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