Inexpensive giveaways that enhance direct mail

Our office manager just came by my department to pass out some giveaways from a vendor tiergeräusche kostenlos downloaden. These flexible vases are made of PVC and fold flat so you can send them in envelopes.

Thanks to Emily Dryden for this beautiful photo herunterladen.

Including a small item in your direct mail or your product’s packaging doesn’t cost much and wins a lot of hearts. I remember in college receiving some tees I’d ordered from Threadless and being delighted to find free stickers inside 3ds roms kostenlos downloaden. Another time, when I ordered a blouse through an Etsy shop, the designer included a free handmade notecard in the package.

Small gifts like these can turn one-time purchasers into loyal fans.

How will you delight your customers this month?

You can get your own Flexible Vase, complete with custom envelope and instructions, here.

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