January Fan of the Month: iprintfromhome.com!

2012 is going to bring a lot of new fun additions to the Pinnacle Promotions blog. The first of which is our Fan of the Month contest. Each month, we are going to be holding a contest for our fans. By leaving a comment on our blog or our Facebook wall, you will be able to win a prize pack full of promotional goodies. In addition, we will spotlight your company on our blog, providing a great opportunity to promote your brand to our readers.

And now, without further adieu, our January Fan of the Month: iprintfromhome.com!

1. Tell us a little more about your company.

At iPrintfromHome.com, we offer Photographic and Giclee printing services for artists and photographers. My father started this company in 1979. We began as a darkroom rental lab servicing artists and photographers who wanted to have more control over their printing.

Today, operating as iPrintfromHome.com, we’re still basically doing the same thing that we were doing back when the Campos Photography Center first opened its doors. But now, instead of coming to our location to rent our darkrooms and print your work, you can do it all from the comfort of your home with a little help from a computer and the internet. That’s why we call it “I print from home”.

As my Dad says, “Here we go again, a little older, a little wiser, helping you image your imagination, anytime, anywhere.”

We know how important each individual customer is to our business and we do our best to not only meet your expectations, but to exceed them. At iPrintfromHome.com, we provide you with a high quality product that you value, with consistency that you trust and with customer service you can rely on to help make things right if you run into a problem.

2. What is your favorite promotional product?

Our favorite promotional products are products that we know our clients will find useful, hopefully useful on a daily basis (travel coffee mugs, water bottles, etc). Not only do our clients get to make use of the products, but every time they do so, they are advertising our brand to anyone who sees them.

The first product that we ever bought from Pinnacle was a stainless steel water bottle. The product was a big hit with the customers that we gave it to. After we ran the planned promotion, we gave away the extras through an Earth Day giveaway on Facebook. It was a big hit because the prize we were offering was something that people actually wanted. The following year we tried the same thing with earth shaped stress balls. That one didn’t go over quite as well. See my next answer for what we want to do this year…


3. What kind of promotional products would you like to use in the future?

Learning from the success of the water bottles and the flop of the earth shaped stress balls, it’s clear that we need to offer products that our customers actually want if we expect them to participate in our giveaways. The fact that something is free isn’t really enough of an incentive. This year, we’re considering purchasing some of the seed planting kits from Pinnacle for our Earth Day Giveaway. Not only does the product align with the spirit of Earth Day, but it also produces lasting results. Each time our client cares for or admires their plant, they’ll be reminded of their friends over at iPrintfromHome.com.

4. Tell us a fun fact about yourself or your company!

We’ve been working with artists and photographers for over 30 years. Artists are people who are headed down a path that is not easily defined. They are creating art, courageously standing behind their work and presenting it to the world. It’s not an easy thing to do. Getting the opportunity to work with so many interesting and creative people is not only inspiring, but also really fun. We love what we do.

Thanks for working with Pinnacle Promotions! We are sending you a prize pack with some cool promotional products, as well as a gift certificate to use on your next purchase.  We hope you enjoy them and look forward to working with you in the future!

Winner Prize Pack

If you’re interested in being our next Fan of the Month, leave a comment here or on our Facebook page telling us about your experience working with Pinnacle Promotions.

Marketing Coordinator


I have going green lately and I don’t believe and wasting plastic water bottles. I see the benefits of using these stainless steel water bottles and there great from branding companies names and logos

Sara Campos Saak

Thanks for featuring iPrintfromHome.com on your blog! Also, many thanks to your team for the wonderful service you provide. Big shout out to our account manager, Shelley!! It’s a pleasure working with you folks.

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