June Fan of the Month: Johnson High Wrestling

Let’s meet our Fan of the Month for June: Johnson High Wrestling!

Johnson High Wrestling

1. Tell us a little more about your organization.
Johnson High School wrestling team in Gainesville, GA. There are about 40 members on our team. We purchased all of our warm ups and t-shirts from Pinnacle with great satisfaction.

2. What is your favorite promotional product?
That our group has purchased…. our awesome shirts.

Knights Wrestling

3. What kind of promotional product would you like to use in the future?
Some sort of fan friendly cheering device like a megaphone.

4. Tell us a fun fact about yourself and your organization.
We have gone from 6 kids in our program with little acknowledgement until our shirts and goodies showed up which turned heads to 40.

Thank you for working with Pinnacle.  Keep your eyes peeled for a prize pack to arrive in the mail!

If you’d like to be our next Fan of the Month, just let us know.  You can comment on this post or visit our Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn pages and let us know to pick you!

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