Megan’s Product Pick of the Week: The Glitter “Eye” Ball

Having been in the Industry for over a year now, it takes a really unique product to catch my eye. Mugs, journals, reusable totes and pens all have their place in the world, but most are not super exciting hot app herunterladen. I mean, a cinch pack is usually just a cinch pack, right? Yawn.


One of the coolest, inexpensive products to hit my desk in a while has to be the Hi Bounce “Eye” Ball with LED Lights and Glitter herunterladen. Yes, glitter!
Bounce this ball and watch the glitter swirl, the LED strobe light blink and the eyeball moves! The “Eye” ball is available with silver, blue or fuchsia glitter die sims 3 sunlit tides kostenlos downloaden. You company logo will be printed in one color on one side.

This would be a great attention getter at your next trade show! Who would not be attracted to the LED lights and glitter of this fun bouncy ball? This is also a great inexpensive giveaway that the recipient could leave on their desktop.

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Merchandising Manager


Please send pricing on the Glitter Eye Ball.

Please send me pricing on the Glitter Eye Ball.


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