360 Degree Images Makes Purchasing Promotional Products Easier

The process for purchasing promotional products for your marketing needs just got easier! PinnaclePromotions.com has launched 360-degree imaging for thousands of products. Customers can now interact with products before they decide to purchase them, taking the guessing out of buying promotional products.

By clicking on the “360 degree view” button on a product page, users can see the product spin in a 360-degree rotation, providing a full view of the promotional product. You can control the speed and direction of the spin by clicking on the image and dragging your mouse in the direction they desire.

This revolutionary new technology brings products to life, allowing the customer to have a better understanding of each item’s size, shape, feel, and imprint surface area.

Pinnacle Promotions is constantly looking for ways to increase our customers’ shopping experiences; introducing 360 degree imaging is just the latest advancement in our efforts to save purchasers time and money. Customers no longer have to order and wait for samples to arrive in order to see every side of promotional products. By introducing 360 degree imaging, Pinnacle Promotions hopes to take our already superior customer service efforts one step further.

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