President Obama Visits Memphis; May Be in Need of Promotional Cell Phone Accessories

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Trending Topic Tuesday,” where we share our take on what’s going on in the world and what promotional products would appropriately (or inappropriately) market the subject matter.

promotional cell phone accessoriesAs threats of some of the worst Mississippi River flooding since the 1920’s continue, thousands of Americans evacuate their homes and head for higher ground. Earlier this month, a Louisiana spillway was opened and a levee was blown up surrounding the town of Cairo, Illinois. Now, US Army Engineers are opening floodgates in attempt to divert water from the Mississippi and decrease pressure on the levees to, hopefully, prevent flood water from reaching Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

The expected influx of floodwater prompted an appearance from President Obama, who visited Memphis on Monday to meet with families affected by the flooding. Unfortunately, the 25,000 people situated in  Louisiana’s Cajun country have already been forced to abandon their homes in compliance with mandatory evacuation orders. The record-setting flood waters are predicted to unleash up to 25 feet of water set to wash over approximately 3,000 square miles of low lying land.

Amidst the crisis of the impending natural disaster, Obama remained positive and offered words of comfort to young students at Booker T. Washington High School who excitedly welcomed him as their official commencement speaker. Obama’s phone however, did not meet such a pleasant fate earlier that day. The President, who currently may or may not be in need of some promotional cell phone accessories, sent his BlackBerry phone tumbling to the tarmac of the taxiway at the Air National Guard base in Tennessee. In this case, promotional cell phone accessories would have undoubtedly prevented any damage to the President’s phone.

Shortly after landing in Memphis, Obama waved to crowds and descended the stairs to greet military personnel and those gathered to give him their good wishes. The security team rushed to his aid as the smart phone slipped out of Obama’s fingers and fell to the ground. Obama, however, was all smiles and seemed to take the clumsy mishap in his stride as he nonchalantly reached down to pick up his phone and continued on his way.

Secret Service officials and lawyers, who, for safety reasons, have long advised against the use of the device, may very well have welcomed the destruction of Obama’s BlackBerry. If the President, however, took the appropriate precautions by protecting his phone with promotional cell phone accessories, then, unfortunately, his advisors might just be out of luck.

Do you think President Obama should relinquish the use of his phone?

Kim M.
Creative Writing Intern

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