Product Pick: Mission EnduraCool Towel

One of our goals at Pinnacle is to bring our customers new & unique promotional products and to stay on top of trends in retail… you can imagine my excitement to announce we now offer the Mission EnduraCool Towel!

This innovative towel has been a hot product in retail and has been featured recently on the Today Show, CNN, and the Piers Morgan Show.

So what’s so cool about this towel? How does it work?  Buckle up, I’m about to tell you!

How the Mission EnduraCool Towel Works

Step 1:  Wet the towel. With water or even your own sweat!

Step 2:  Wring it out.

Step 3:  Snap to Activate!

The Mission EnduraCool Towel will stay cold for up to 2 hours!  Allowing you to stay cool while playing sports or during your workout.  It is made from a breathable microfiber material that is machine washable so cleaning your performance towel couldn’t be easier.

Now it’s your turn to stay on top of the latest product trend and piggy back off its success.  The Mission EnduraCool Towel has a large imprint area (11″ x 14″) for your logo and message.  This would be a great promotional product for fitness clubs, sports teams, pro shops, or even for a promotion at large outdoor event.  It’s just one of those products that creates a buzz and can be a life saver in the summer heat!

Here is a full video demo, along with some professional athletes that endorse it.


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