Product Pick of the Week: Scribble Tees

The other day, a few of my coworkers and I were discussing coloring contests. Reminiscing, I recalled going to our little grocery store with my family when I was young herunterladen. I would pick up a coloring contest entry form, take it home and shade and scribble my heart out. The following weekend, we’d take the finished work of art back to the store to be posted up alongside the entries of the other budding artists unity web player kostenlos herunterladen.

I actually haven’t seen a coloring contest in quite some time now. (Sad, because I’m pretty sure I could win now…) But I think I may have found a unique promotional product that could possibly fill the void left with the disappearance of coloring contests: Scribble Tees books for kindle.

Sarah coloring her Scribble Tee

Scribble Tees are my new personal favorite. A 100% cotton, comfy tee is printed with your design of choice. Whether you want to feature your logo, an intricate design or even a stock image that complements your brand message, the details are up to you.

some fun stock design options

The print appears just like that of a coloring book page, and each tee comes complete with a pack of 8 colorful markers so recipients can color in their own tee. The markers are not permanent and will wash out completely in hot water, giving you a freshly laundered, blank canvas to work with.

modeling the finished product

Perfect for both the young and young at heart, these tees are a fun and light-hearted way to colorfully market your brand.

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