Promotional Healthcare Products Hit the Big Screen in Love and Other Drugs

Over the weekend I saw Love and Other Drugs, a heartwarming (albeit sometimes awkward and raunchy) story about a Pfizer sales representative and a young woman with early-onset Parkinson’s disease. Critics have given the movie mixed reviews but one thing is for certain; whether or not you like it, you cannot deny the effectiveness of promotional healthcare products.

As soon as Jamie Randall, the main character, enters the world of Pfizer, he is given a wide range of promotional healthcare products to help him succeed at his job. From pens and name badges to coffee mugs and umbrellas, the custom branded items give him access to doctors and encourage them to prescribe the labels he represents. However, the rules about target marketing in the healthcare industry have changed since the movie took place. While drug companies are no longer allowed to distribute items that may sway a doctor to prescribe a certain drug, organizations can (and should) still give patients promotional products to remind them about an appointment or thank them for their business. Just be sure to check local and national guidelines before distributing these products.

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