Promotional Office Products to the Rescue: It’s Simplify Your Life Week!

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Not only is this week Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, as discussed in Kelsey’s post from Monday, but it also happens to be National Simplify Your Life Week. Being a fairly recent college grad, I can’t help but miss the pre-first-day-of-school organizational frenzy, so this week is a perfect excuse to get my life organized. Like a majority of the population, I would classify myself as somewhere between a neat freak and a slob. Aside from using the aesthetically pleasing promotional office products on your desk to de-clutter your workspace, keep reading for a few other tips and tricks to help you eliminate unwanted stressors…

  1. Take the time to clean! You don’t have to do it all at once, as a few minutes a day spent sorting through crammed storage closets and disorganized desk drawers can go a long way toward getting your life in order. Haven’t used/looked at an item in years? Get rid of it! Consider donating unwanted, gently worn clothing to charity or selling it at secondhand boutiques. Old books that are collecting dust can be dropped off at area libraries or schools.
  2. Designate time each week to an activity that makes you feel good. For some people, that may be exercise; others may enjoy spending time with friends or family, volunteering in the community, or pursuing a hobby. This “me” time will leave you feeling refreshed and energized.
  3. Prioritize. Each day before you leave the office, assess which tasks on your to-do list are urgent and need to be addressed first thing in the morning, which tasks can be chipped away at in stages, and which tasks can wait until your workload eases up.

What rules do you try to follow to make your days easier? Please share your ideas by commenting below!

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