Promotional Products are Everywhere!

I’ve been working in the promotional products industry for a short time – just shy of five months. But in that time, I’ve really come to notice just how common promotional products are and how they are everywhere!

Every time I go to a concert or outdoor festival, I always notice how common the Rubberized Custom Sunglasses are. Seriously, all the kids are wearing them. It’s way more than sunglasses though; I notice promotional koozies, promotional grocery bags and promotional keychains everywhere.

And while I attribute my awareness of just how ubiquitous promotional products are to working in the industry, there are some promotional products that everyone notices.

Giant Cholula Bottle
I was in a Mexican restaurant over the weekend and this giant promotional Cholula bottle was sitting on the counter. Those aren’t small sodas next to the bottle; it’s a giant bottle. And while most people’s first thought probably isn’t, “Oh, I need to take a picture of this for a blog post!”, surely they would notice a giant promotional item and take note of what company it was advertising.

My point, and I swear I have one, is that promotional products of all shapes and sizes are effective. You have your more useful, functional products like calendars or mugs that recipients will use on a daily basis and then you have your giant, just-for-show products like huge bottle of hot sauce. Although the product is for promotional use only (it actually said that on it), it still showcases a brand and gets that brand’s name out there.

Although, I have to admit; if the promotional Cholula bottle was actually full of Cholula, I might have taken it home. I really like hot sauce.

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