Promotional Products Help You Pop Your Top

Americans love their beer – so much, in fact, that we consume some 200 million barrels of it annually (only China puts away more, but then again, they have about a billion more people inhabiting their land). It’s enough to fill about 1 out of every 25 residential in-ground pools across the US. And if you happen to be drinking it out of a bottle, you most likely are in need of a bottle opener to get to the sweet nectar inside – and that’s where the promotional products with built-in bottle openers come in.

Of course there’s the traditional key chain bottle opener, but these days bottle openers have been designed into everything from the soles of flip flops to the visor of baseball hats. Cause everybody needs to be prepared to pop open a cold one no matter where they are – even doing work at their computer, hence the bottle opener USB flash drive.

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My husband, Chris, has the flip flops with the bottle opener. They have definitely come in handy on many occasions :)

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