Promotional Umbrellas: Three Surprising Things You Don’t Know

It’s raining, it’s pouring – so get your brand soaring! (With a promotional umbrella!)

You may not give a second thought to the average umbrella, however, with some embellishment – and a little bit of branding – you can turn a boring umbrella into an effective marketing machine herunterladen!

Custom umbrellas do so much more than just protect your clientele from the elements. They also serve as much-needed staples at company outings, as essential accessories for a few rounds on the golf course and as top real estate for gaining a little extra brand exposure how can I download minecraft pocket edition for free.

Getting your logo custom printed onto a promotional umbrella is a great way to (literally) get your brand above the heads of your competition, and your audience will thank you every time your branded umbrella keeps them dry, cool and so much more nieuwe iphone apps downloaden niet.

In case we haven’t yet persuaded you, here are three surprising things you probably didn’t know about promotional umbrellas:

One: Promotional umbrellas make a BIG statement herunterladen.

Unlike other promotional products, the sheer size of custom umbrellas provides massive space for applying your branding terra xen. This extra space allows you the freedom to fully customize your umbrella with your brand, logo or company message, and it’s certainly a bold and easy way to stand out in a sea of traditional advertising. Promotional umbrellas provide an opportunity to unobtrusively get your brand into the lives of your customers in a meaningful and useful way herunterladen anleitung. You don’t need to be a promotional expert to see how your brand can make a big statement with custom-printed promotional umbrellas. Try something like this 60″ Promotional Golf Umbrella for your next outdoor event and more monster spiele kostenlos downloaden!

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 11.15.30 AM

60″ Arc Promotional Golf Umbrella

Two: Promotional umbrellas have higher visibility than other promotional items viber herunterladen für handy.

As stated before, promotional umbrellas have an advantage above other promotional products due to their sheer size and availability for branding treibjagd 3d kostenlos. They are large platforms for advertising your logo, and they send a branded message that won’t soon be forgotten. Come rain or shine, custom umbrellas are perfect for gaining brand exposure and recognition polar beat herunterladen. Snag a custom umbrella like this 68″ Arc Vented Windproof and nothing will be able to rain on your parade.

68" Arc Vented, Windproof Umbrella

68″ Arc Vented, Windproof Umbrella

Three: Your brand and marketing message lasts longer with custom umbrellas.

Promotional items like custom umbrellas are sure to be used time and time again, ensuring that your brand resonates with customers over a long period of time. This, in addition to the umbrella’s portability, gives you ample opportunity to effectively gain the brand exposure you hope to acquire. Everyone from the on-the-go businessman to the avid camper will be seeing and using your logoed umbrella, and they’ll be resonating with your brand every time they do. This 37″ Promotional Umbrella with a handy travel case is perfect for a little on-the-go brand promotion.

37" Arc Promotional Umbrella with Travel Case

37″ Arc Promotional Umbrella with Travel Case

With promotional umbrellas, you can inspire customers to interact with your brand, and you’ll be establishing a long-lasting relationship with them.

Your recipients will be carrying your message with them everywhere they go, ensuring your brand and logo will be gaining exposure with audiences across the board.

Be sure to take advantage of the immense branding opportunity that comes with getting your logo custom printed onto promotional umbrellas. It’s sure to be a forecast for marketing success!


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