Remember Celebrity Encounters with 4-Color Process Promotional Products

The Dalai Lama was in Atlanta this week, and one of the Pinnacle marketing department’s own, Sarah, was lucky enough to meet him – though she might have been more excited about meeting Richard Gere, who joined forces with His Holiness and Alice Walker for a discussion on spirituality and creativity.  Likewise, Buzzfeed recently published the 21 Best Pictures of Luke Perry at Dragon*Con, a series of award-worthy photos of Perry with fans at the world’s largest fantasy/sci-fi convention.

When us normal people meet a celebrity or other prominent individual we admire,it’s special. So why not remember the occasion with 4-color process promotional products?

4-color process uses (surprise!) 4 basic colors to recreate images, from a high-definition logo to your favorite celebrity photo.  Think of how impressed your friends, family, and coworkers would be if you presented them with Thanks a Dozen Custom Doughnut Boxes or Pocket Coolies adorned with a picture of you and Luke Perry or Richard Gere!

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