The Lakers Win Another One!


Last night the L.A. Lakers beat the Orlando Magic 99-86 in game five to make it their 15th championship victory.  No one was happier than Finals MVP player, Kobe Bryant.  Last night’s win gives him his 4th NBA Title.  Basketball history was made and another NBA season comes to a close.

Now brand marketers are starting to think about next season and the marketing and sponsorship opportunities that will follow.  Who will be the next star player?  What endorsement deals could be signed?  What cool and unique promotional products and imprinted apparel can we use at the basketball games next season?  The marketing round tables are filled with ideas of how next year’s marketing and branding will be better than the last.  There are literally thousands of basketball promotional items to consider from the Mini Basketball & Hoop Set to the unique Basketball Girl Lip Balm.  A promotional product is a great interactive marketing piece that people can touch, hold and keep with them long after the game ends.

Marketing Manager

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