Today I become a homeowner. Wonder if I’ll leave with a promotional product of sorts. Maybe a promotional key chain?

Today’s the day my husband and I become homeowners. It’s a modest ranch style home, and we cannot wait to move in. It has been quite a process for us to find a home, and finally get to this stage. With home prices being so low in the current economic state, the market for first time home buyers has proven to be über competitive.

I’ve likened our search to that of a relationship. You fall in love. Go through a bad breakup. Maybe multiple. And then finally, finally, find the one to spend the rest of your life with – or at least the next few years. Well we have finally found the one, and are excited and nervous to find what challenges the closing will bring.

As we wrap up the last final details before the closing, I can’t help but reflect on the entire process and have to give credit to my Realtor for being such a help to two newbies entering into the grown-up world of homeownership. Through our journey, we’ve developed a strong business relationship with our Realtor, Mark, and know exactly whom we will turn to when it’s time to upgrade to our next home.

Mark met the needs of his customers. That’s great. He did his job. He found us a home and will (finally after 7 long months) be getting a commission. However, to earn this position as our “family” Realtor, Mark had to do more than simply meet our needs. Pretty much anyone could have found us a home. But Mark did more than just find us a house. Mark was a trouper through it all. He’s gone on many day-long house hunting trips in nearly ever city in the metro-Atlanta area. He’s found us homes that were on budget, under budget and a few that were simply perfect. He has answered my calls at 6:00 on Saturday night asking him to show us the house we just found online – preferably next day.

He not only met our needs, but went above and beyond to make the home buying process as seamless and as straightforward as he could for two people who have never experienced this before. This type of service is what earns a lasting spot in the cellphones, address books and planners of your customers.

When you as a business go above and beyond by providing a friendly disposition, corporate branded gifts and stellar customer service, you earn a lasting place as a company of choice to your client base. Build your business, earn clients for life and bring in referrals from happy customers.

Could the premise be simpler?

Meeting needs = closed deal. Great! That’s money in the bank. Meeting wants = customers for life. Excellent!! That’s a closed deal + repeat business + referrals. Which would you prefer?

So, I’m off to my closing. Keep your fingers crossed that it’s smooth sailing! And that maybe we leave a shiny new promotional key chain to hang our new keys on.

Marketing Coordinator


Very exciting Kim! Congrats!

Congrats Kim! I am so happy for you and keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly.

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