Track Your Steps Toward Making a Difference With Promotional Pedometers

promotional pedometersThis spring, the weekends in Atlanta have been full of various philanthropic and community fundraising races and walk-a-thons. Every week I come across another advertisement for the next big race, so when my neighborhood began advertising for our own local 5k fundraiser for our area elementary schools, I figured it was time for me to join in on the experience and make a difference.

Many individuals and companies continuously support and participate in these fundraising events, so as I signed up for my 5k, I thought wouldn’t it be interesting to track how many steps frequent participants take in their efforts to support these great causes? As I pondered more about this revelation, I came to the conclusion of promotional pedometers!

How neat would it be to say that I have taken one hundred thousand-something steps for a great cause? If sponsors or registration sites were to include promotional pedometers in their registration costs, everyone could track their “steps toward success.” Additionally, these promotional pedometers could potentially inspire participants to become proactive about their health.

However people choose to make use of their promotional pedometers, these tiny little objects have the potential to motivate and inspire individuals to take strides towards better living.

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