With Promotional Drinkware, Everyone Wins

My husband and I had dinner at a local restaurant the other night and one of the first things that we noticed was the “Keep the Glass” promotion that the restaurant was running herunterladen.

If you ordered a certain beer, in this case it was Terrapin, you got to keep the piece of promotional drinkware that it came in treiber hp deskjet 5740 download kostenlos.

Terrapin Promotional Glass

This is a great marketing tactic because the beer company, the bar and the customer all win motorräder hintergrundbilder herunterladen kostenlos.

By offering a free glass, the beer company encourages people to try a new brand of beer. In this particular industry, getting potential customers to sample your brand is the best and easiest way to turn them into repeat customers.  Not only will Terrapin gain some new fans, but those fans will be reminded of the beer every time they use their glass at home.

The bar also wins with a promotion like this.  While one glass is nice, people often buy a set, resulting in more revenue for the bar.  Our server told us that she wanted four glasses and while she normally wouldn’t drink four beers after work, she was going to because she wanted the glasses.  (Let’s hope she took a cab home!)

And lastly, the customer benefits as well.  Free glasses that are really cool looking?  I’ll take it.  And I did.  Now we have two shiny Terrapin Mason jars in our possession.


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