17 Giveaway Ideas for Businesses: Summer

Many companies like to offer seasonal giveaways that rotate out with each quarter. While this approach may seem limiting at first, once you begin looking, you’ll realize there are dozens of custom giveaways for each season. Plus, if your giveaways are relevant to the season, recipients will be far more likely to use them rather than tossing them into a corner and forgetting them. Since summer is coming up, we’ve compiled the must-have promotional items for this season. Without further ado, here are our top 17 summer giveaway ideas for businesses:

Promotional sunglasses

Malibu Sunglasses
Heart Sunglasses
Pinhole Sunglasses

It is a truth universally acknowledged that you can never have too many pairs of sunglasses. You need one for the car, one for your beach bag, an extra for that friend who always loses theirs, a backup pair just in case…and the list goes on. Besides, how else will people be able to wear your logo on their face? We offer promotional sunglasses in many different styles, from the classic Malibu and aviator designs to full-color frames and retro pinhole lenses. Accompanying accessories such as custom sunglasses straps and cases also make great gift ideas.

Custom stainless steel tumblers

Stainless steel tumblers are high-value products because of their heat- and ice-retention. Your recipients are sure to be impressed if you hand them a custom stainless steel tumbler with your logo on it. Tumblers are taken everywhere, from the office to vacations and local events. It’s truly a great year-round gift!

Custom Tritan tumbler

Tritan tumblers are made of a distinct double-walled design with BPA-free plastic and a stepped interior that gives the cups their unique look. Tritan tumblers are impact- and shatter-resistant and top rack dishwasher safe. They hold 16 oz. of liquid and provide many customization possibilities, including an optional lid and straw (perfect for those summer smoothies). Ten inset colors are available: clear, blue, charcoal, green, lime green, orange, pink, purple, red and yellow. Your logo can also be printed on five different Tritan tumbler insert options: white, oval dome, silver mirror, silver slitter and embroidered round patch.

Custom Koozies® and promotional can coolers

Custom Koozie
Custom Bottle Koozie
Custom Wine Chiller

Few things are more refreshing than cracking open a cold beer or soda while you enjoy a summer sunset on your porch. But it can be tough to keep a beverage cold during the warmer months, and that’s where custom Koozies and can coolers come in. These neoprene sleeves keep your beverages cold and insulate them from the heat of your hand (upscale stainless steel versions are also available). Meanwhile, the sides and bottoms of the can coolers offer plenty of surface area to display your brand’s logo.

Promotional water bottle

Promotional water bottles

Hydration is extra important in the summer months when you’re more likely to sweat. Custom water bottles are a traditional giveaway for a reason. Literally everyone alive has to drink water, so they’ll definitely be put to use rather than sitting in the back of a cabinet. Whether you want a screw top or pop top, plastic or stainless steel, rubber grip or carabiner, there’s a custom water bottle design to fit every specification and budget. Plus, if you’re in a hurry, we can rush ship many water bottles in 24 hours (not including transit time) for orders that come down to the wire.

Branded insulated bags

Sling Bag Cooler
Lunch Cooler
Backpack Cooler

Drinks aren’t the only thing you’ll need to keep cool during the summer. Food is just as important, especially if you’re going to be outside all day. We offer branded insulated bags in many different designs, from backpacks to sling bags to baskets. Different capacities are also available as well. We sell everything from a personal lunch bag perfect for individuals to large party coolers that can hold the entire gang’s food and drinks. Some soft coolers also feature fun add-ons, such as built-in speakers, which add to the usefulness.

Personalized hard coolers

Soft coolers are a bit easier to transport, but in terms of durability and protecting your food, you can’t beat a hard cooler. Any time you’re jostling around a lot—say, you’re boating on the lake or driving to the beach—a hard cooler is a smart move. They keep food from getting squished and cans from getting dented (or worse yet, from being accidentally punctured and spilling liquid everywhere). The two main design options are plastic covered in insulation and leak-resistant fabric or molded copolymer with latches and handles.

Promotional beach balls

If you go to the beach and don’t bring a beach ball, did you really go to the beach? These cost-effective giveaways provide hours of fun and deflate to a small plastic ball, always an important consideration when packing for summer vacation. Many different custom beach ball styles are available, including solid colors, alternating stripes, rainbow stripes and even a translucent one. We also offer other beach-themed inflatables, including dart rockets and baseballs, for all your beach entertainment needs. All of our beach ball options cost under $2 a piece (and sometimes under $1), so these are great choices if you need a lot of summer giveaways on a budget.

Custom beach towels

Custom Beach Towel with Flip Flops
Fringed Round Promotional Towel
Turkish Striped Promotional Towel

Beach towels are great for so much more than the beach. You can take them to the pool, the lake, the water park, even a yoga class. Custom beach towels also give you a lot of real estate to represent your logo or other branded imagery, providing an excellent promotional opportunity for your company. Opt for a plain solid color to really make your logo pop, or up your design game with a striped pattern or even a full beach scene. If you’re looking for something a little more unusual than a beach towel, beach mats and blankets are also great summer giveaway ideas for businesses.

Man wearing tank top with logo

Custom tank tops

Sun’s out, guns out—in your company’s custom tank tops. Whether you’re sunning at the beach, chilling by the pool, fitting in a workout, taking in a baseball game or simply mowing the lawn, tank tops allow your arms to breathe and your shoulders to get some sun so you avoid that dreaded farmer’s tan. Our custom tank tops come in literally dozens of colors, so you’ll be sure to find the best shade to make your logo really stand out. They’re available in both men’s and women’s sizes, as well as several fabric options from simple cotton to sporty mesh.

Promotional flip flops

The humble flip flop has been around for thousands of years, and there are murals that show ancient Egyptians wearing this simple yet practical shoe. But this long history isn’t the only reason why promotional flip flops are a great business giveaway idea. After all, everyone needs at least one pair of water-resistant sandals they can wear to the beach or into the pool showers during the summer. You can print the soles and/or straps with your logo, and our custom flip flops come in many colors to ensure they mesh with your brand, including black, blue, forest green, maroon, navy, pink, red, white and yellow.

Promotional baseball caps

Sunglasses aren’t the only way to protect your eyes from the sun. Baseball caps are a summer wardrobe staple for a reason: They protect your face and scalp from the burning sun and improve your vision in glaring conditions. Opt for a classic all-fabric design or choose one with a mesh back panel for extra ventilation. If you don’t want a traditional custom baseball cap design (with a curved bill), flat bill trucker caps and snapback hats are also options. In addition to many solid color combinations, multiple shades of camo are also available.

Promotional flying discs

Promotional Frisbee
Promotional Fidget Disk
Promotional Donut Flyer

These simple flying discs provide hours of entertainment, whether you’re just chucking them around in the park or participating in a competitive game of disc golf. The flat, round surface is the perfect area to showcase your company logo without distortion. If you want to take things to the next level, consider a more unusual custom disc design such as the donut flyer or a glow-in-the-dark disc.

Custom BBQ sets

Summertime means grill time. As the days get longer, the dads of America bring their grills out of winter hibernation and fire them up to cook steaks, burgers and all manner of good summer food. So, if you’re looking for summer giveaway ideas for businesses, you can’t go wrong with a promotional barbecue set. A custom BBQ set features tools such spatulas, brushes, forks, cleaning brushes, skewers and tongs–pretty much everything but the grill itself. Order a set to get them together in one convenient case or order them separately for a truly one-of-a-kind custom design. Every time they grill out, they’ll think of you and your company.

Promotional fans

Portable Custom Fan
Promotional Paper Fan

Keeping cool during the summer is difficult, but it’s a little bit easier with a custom fan. We offer many options, from paperboard on a wooden handle to a battery-powered plastic mini fan. These fans are an especially good idea if you’re exhibiting at an outdoor event, such as a fair. On a hot day, attendees walking around and fanning themselves with your logo will be an excellent promotional opportunity. In fact, some visitors might come find your booth specifically for the fans, building your brand awareness among groups who might not naturally seek it out.

Promotional garden tools and accessories

Summer is prime growing season for lots of plants and many people enjoy gardening in the warmer months, especially in the early morning before the weather gets too hot. If you’d like to give away custom garden tools this summer, we offer a wide selection of accessories such as rain gauges, promo planters, wood birdhouses, grow-your-own-herb kits and more. For those who don’t have much of a green thumb, we also offer custom plant-a-tree cards as well as garden-themed calendars.

Custom golf swag

Custom Golf Balls
Custom Divot Tool
Custom Golf Umbrella

Any one of these makes an excellent giveaway idea for businesses, and for a truly deluxe summer promotional bundle you can always combine two or more items in a package deal. For questions about details, pricing, production time, decorations or any other aspect of your order, don’t hesitate to contact us–or call our product hotline at 888.351.4226.

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