5 Promotional Products for National Small Business Week

We’re now in the middle of National Small Business Week! Today I thought we’d feature some products that make a great giveaway to your customers.

1. Stress Ball – With the increased influx of customers coming into your store, there may be more of a wait for help or to check out than usual. Why not offer a cute or relevant stress ball to your customers as they are walking in? It’s a fun giveaway that lets your customers know that you realize things are moving slowly and that you appreciate their patience.

2. Tote bag – Promote recycling by handing your customers their purchase in a resuable tote bag rather than a disposable plastic bag. I’ve seen stores that offer small discounts if you bring in your tote bag again when you make another purchase. Best of all, your customer could use the tote bag on a daily basis giving your brand exposure each time they do.

3. Electronics – Your customers are sure to own tablets and smartphones, why not have a big giveaway where you give them an item that’s sure to be put to use everyday. You could hold a raffle to win a pair of custom headphones, or a promotional tablet sleeve. By giving away something that ties to an item that people use everyday, it’s sure to stick around for much longer.

4. Snacks – People tend to lineup if they know there’s food involved. Consider giving away custom labeled bottles of water or custom chocolate squares. If you’re looking for an edible item with a little more impact, check out the giant fortune cookies on our site or the Oreo cookies with full color logos.

5. T-Shirt – We’ve all seen people do crazy things for a t-shirt. Turn your customers into walking billboards with a promotional t-shirt. Make sure to chose something with a flattering cut or a comfortable material to ensure that it makes it into your customers’ clothing rotation.

What are you favorite promotional items for a small business to give away during an event such as this?

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