5 Tips for Businesses Using Pinterest

Are you looking to take your brand to Pinterest and start pinning with the masses? Here at Pinnacle we are big fans of Pinterest. Whereas with other social media outlets it can be hard to appreciate anything visual, Pinterest is all about aesthetics. Whether you need wardrobe inspiration, a new cooking recipe, or simply wish to fawn over amazing pictures of distant places, there is a good chance someone has created a board for that.

So how does a company stand out on Pinterest for the right reasons or avoid being a company that’s followed but never repined? I’ve put together 5 tips that will help you get started and help you avoid commonly made mistakes.

1. Create a complete profile and and get your account verified. – As a consumer there is nothing worse than finding a pin featuring something you love, tracking it all the way back to a company Pinterest page, and then realizing there is no information about said company anywhere. The more ways you offer your customers to connect with you the better. For our own profile, we have our logo, a quick blurb on the company, where we’re located, a link to our website, and additional links to our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Also, make sure you get your account verified. Pinterest has made the process relatively easy and it’s an extra step in ensuring users that you are a trustworthy source.

2. Don’t make it all about you – It’s hard to gain a following if all your pins are your own products. Get creative about how you present yourself on Pinterest. We like to mostly choose themes that aren’t completely promotional product centric, and create mood boards that incorporate our products. This seems a more honest approach to reach potential customers than attempting to pretend we’re the only company in the world.

When we do have boards that are filled with mostly our own promotional products, they have a distinct and clear purpose. For example, we are currently featuring 6 boards where our Account Managers are pinning their favorite promotional products and we’ve made the fact clear in both the title and description of each board. I think it’s these little touches that add authenticity to what we’re doing on Pinterest.

3. Be creative as possible – Pinterest is where people go to get ideas that they would have never thought of on their own. DIY reigns on this site as does humor. A company that is highly praised for their ceativity on Pinterest is General Electric. They have established a presence that is both witty and informative, and always on top of trends. Their “Hey Girl” board put them on the map where they took to a meme that originally started with an actor and catapulted it into hilarious historically-themed stardom. Don’t be afraid to push outside your comfort zone and if you want to  upload as many of your own images as GE has, make sure you work with your  art department to make things looked as polished as possible. (Have we mentioned we love our art department? Really guys, we do.)

4. Keep it current – Make sure that you keep current of the latest Pinterest trends, like what has been named the perfect Pinterest picture or the analytics tool Pinterest rolled out for business. Pin current events or like GE, give your own unique spin on a current meme. We like to do season-centric boards as well, creating boards that capture the chill of winter or the carefree vibe of summer.

5. Have guest pinners – I know it’s scary handing the reigns over to someone else. So many things could go wrong, but when done correctly, having guest pinners can have great results. Social Media Examiner has an informative post about the benefits of contributor boards and how it worked for Etsy. The e-commerce site focused on vintage and handmade items partnered with artist like Lori Langille, and companies like Random House, Whole Foods, and Martha Stewart Living. By partnering with these carefully selected brands Etsy has reinforced their artistic image. So identify users and companies that could help make your brand shine online.

These 5 tips are simple things you can do to make sure your company Pinterest page isn’t lost among millions of pins. While none of the suggestions are particularly revolutionary, they are steps that companies often forget to take and quickly lose followers as a result. As long as you keep these tips in mind and follow basic Pinterest etiquette. If you’d like a more in-depth look at Pinterst, HubSpot published The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Pinterest that takes you into the nitty-gritty of Pinterest.

While you’re on Pinterest, make sure to take a look at the boards our Account Managers are currently pinning to: Ashley, Jasmine, Katie, Jessie-Kate, Shelley, and Sarah.


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