A Timeless Employee Appreciation Gift: Custom Wine Glasses

The importance of showing your employees that you care cannot be understated. Research has shown that managers who take a vested interest in the well-being of their employees and actively demonstrate this create a better work environment, which leads to happier employees and higher retention rates. One of the best ways to make your employees feel valued within the company is by periodically offering them employee appreciation gifts. You don’t need to spring for anything expensive or extravagant, but some type of meaningful item is sure to make them feel special and increase their job satisfaction. Custom wine glasses are a great choice when searching for employee appreciation gifts because they’re affordable and useful.

When to give your employees an appreciation gift

National Employee Appreciation Day

National Employee Appreciation Day is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your gratitude for each of your hard-working employees. Every year on March 1, bosses around the country devise simple ways to display their appreciation, helping to maintain a happy workplace where each staff member feels valued. Custom wine glasses are an excellent gift and can be personalized to make them extra special. When customizing wine glasses, the options are endless.

With a promotion or major achievement

If you’re planning to offer one (or more) of your employees a promotion and/or raise, you’re already demonstrating their value to the company and showing them how much their work matters. But, why not make the experience a bit more personal by presenting them with a gift at the same time? Order your employees custom wine glasses featuring your company logo and give them a unique souvenir to commemorate their workplace achievements.

Holidays or special occasions

Whether you’re considering giving your employees an office-wide gift for the holiday season or you want the perfect item to distribute individually each time someone is celebrating a birthday, Pinnacle Promotions’ company promotional items make for great gifts. You can order custom wine glasses in bulk and hand them out in beautifully decorated wrapping paper before your employees head home for the holidays. Many companies celebrate employee birthdays with an in-office party or an after-work happy hour gathering. For these special occasions, you can order a batch of custom wine glasses ahead of time, and on each employee’s birthday, they’ll receive their well-crafted wine glass.

Make employees happy with custom wine glasses

Choosing custom wine glasses

When choosing from our vast selection of company promotional products, you’ll discover dozens of different options for custom wine glasses. The stemless design is a classy alternative that tends to prevent spills because of the larger base. If you’re interested in a more classic wine glass, there are several options for stemmed custom wine glasses with plenty of space on the glass for a personalized design. You can also opt for stemless wine glasses in different colors or select one of the wine glass tumblers that can be used for a variety of liquids and keep the contents cool or warm for hours on end.

Other employee appreciation gift ideas

Are you looking for a different type of employee appreciation gift? Pinnacle Promotions offers a huge selection of different company promotional products that your entire staff will love. For the employee who loves sports, consider ordering custom golf balls or frisbees. You can also opt for other drinkware products, including personalized beer mugs, travel mugs and coffee mugs. No matter what your employees are interested in, Pinnacle Promotions is sure to have the perfect item for you to give this year as an employee appreciation present.

Let Pinnacle Promotions craft the perfect employee gift this year

When you order your company promotional products or customized presents from Pinnacle Promotions, you can rest assured that you’re receiving the highest quality items that have been imprinted with care. Browse our catalog of promotional products and select the perfect item for your employees and then upload your design and place your order. Most items take several days to customize and ship, but if you’re in a last-minute rush, you can check out our products that are available for 24-hour rush production. Feel free to reach out to our team of experts with any questions through our contact form or by phone at 800.351.4226.

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